Fill Your Goodie Bag With Freebies Like These! (Plus a Special Prize to WIN!)

It’s the season for treats! So we’re loading up our blog with freebies and goodies that are just too good to miss. Read on!

Here’s our first fun item for you: submit a comment to our blog by midnight on Monday, November 7, 2011, for a chance to win two books from The Little Brainwaves series from DK. For ages 510, these books provide an engaging way for students to learn about animals, the human body, and more. Submit your comment right now! (Update: congratulations to RG, who was our winner!)

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Do your students want to make a difference? Here’s an amazing program from Audubon: Pennies for the Planet. Each year, Pennies for the Planet focuses on three critical habitats and the animals that live there. When you visit the Pennies for the Planet website, you’ll find free activities and a free kit so you and your students can collect pennies to help critical conservation projects. Learn more; click here now!

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What would you do with $500 for your classroom? Find out with the Sure to Soar classroom achievement award from Special Olympics. Open to general and special education classrooms, this award is designed to help you help your students succeed. It only takes a minute to enter. Click here now. Hurry, the contest ends November 30!

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You could be the next Magic Tree House Educator of the Year! Enter to win books, classroom supplies, and a trip to New York City to meet Magic Treehouse author Mary Pope Osborne. This is too good to pass up. Click here to enter!

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This year, make Veterans Day a day your students will remember. Visit for free information on Take a Veteran to School Day. Sponsored by History, the site features a free how-to guide for organizing your event. Check it out!

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Eric Carle has a new book! The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse showcases a child who paints a blue horse and then goes on to paint other equally vibrant and interesting (though not traditional!) animals. There’s a free teaching guide available, click here now to get yours!

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Are you looking to add more nonfiction to your classroom? Sterling Biographies present first-person accounts in an accessible narrative style especially for kids. Click here to download a free discussion guide or click here to learn more about the series!

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Is your goodie bag filled to the top yet? Don’t forget to submit a comment to our blog for a chance to win our prize. Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Fill Your Goodie Bag With Freebies Like These! (Plus a Special Prize to WIN!)

  1. Thank you for the wonderful treats just in time for Halloween! I am looking forward to learning more about Eric Carle’s new book! My goodie bag is almost full. There is just enough room for a prize.

  2. I am excited about the new Eric Carle book and can’t wait to look through the teaching guide for some great new activities.

  3. I am a huge fan of non-fiction books for matter what age! They are fascinated with animals,space,dinosaurs,skeletons,etc. What a great
    opportunity to expand their horizons in learning!

  4. Hi Karen! I’d love to win your Little Brainwaves books! DK publishes fantastic things, and I’m curious to check out the new featured titles.

  5. Wow, you have some awesome things to win. I love the Magic Trees House series and have some of it for my studens. We learn about habitats in third grade, so the starter kit is a wonderfulplace to start. I love Eric Carle since I was in college and we had to pick a favorit author to study,and would love to read the Little Brainwaves books. Thanks for offering these great prizes!!! Well and you have the same name as me, Karen!!

  6. In this time of budget cuts, winning the two books from the Little Brainwaves series would be really great. DK publishes great books for kids.

  7. Thank you for sharing the teaching guide for the new Eric Carle book. I am sure I will buy it soon as my class loves his books!

  8. Oh gosh, my kiddos love learning about animals! They are always curious to learn more things and I want to make sure they learn all they can!

  9. Do the Little Brainwave Series have internet links incorporated throughout the book? My Kindergarteners love it when we extend our lessons by looking online at videos or relevant websites!

  10. LOVE this idea. I had already signed up for the Magic Tree House contest because we are planning a MAgic Tree House birthday party this weekend so I was trolling their site. I’m sure to post photos about our party this Nov.

    Would love these books since we homeschool our kids. Thanks for this contest!

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