Feed the Birds!

The other day, I bought one of those bell-shaped chunks of bird seed to hang in a tree. I don’t have an actual bird feeder, and I thought that would be a fun option to attract birds to my yard.

The first day, there were a few bits of seed missing. The second day, the entire bell was gone.

I suspect squirrels or raccoons took it. Really, I’m only upset that I missed seeing a raccoon sprinting across the yard victoriously holding this big bird-seed bell. I love raccoons.

Did you know that it’s National Bird-Feeding Month? Spotlight the occasion with these bird-related activities and patterns just for you from The Mailbox!

And don’t forget to feed the birds…and squirrels…and raccoons…

Click here for this fun feeder project! bird1

Click here for a circle time activity! bird2

Click here for bird patterns you can program ONLINE with letters, site words, or math problems! bird3

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