Favorite Teacher Gadget

Okay, I know you’ve only been in school a month or so—maybe not even that long. But I just have to ask.

What is your favorite teacher gadget at this point in the school year?

Eager to hear!

12 thoughts on “Favorite Teacher Gadget

  1. My document camera is my most loved TOY! Other than the obvious (student work, manipulatives, books, etc.) we are absolutely ecstatic watching our caterpillars munch and grow!! I can’t wait to have this class watch the metamorphosis happen right before their eyes on the BIG SCREEN. It’s an exciting time in 2nd grade!

  2. I teach preschool so I absolutely love those craft punches that help you cut out a bunch of perfect circles exactly the same size – and the multitude of them that you can buy gives me all kinds of ideas! And I am hoping to use my pocket chart more and more. We recently got a cricket – haven’t used it yet but I am sure that is going to be a great gadget to have!!!!

  3. I have to say that my favorite teaching tool is my digital camera and various pointers. I also love the smartboard and hope to use it more this year!

  4. I loved my remote USB presenter with the laser pointer for doing powerpoints. Unfortunately, one of my fifth graders loved it a little more. It was stolen from my classroom just the other day. 🙁

  5. I just got a SMARTboard this year and I love it! It’s great to see how attentive the students are, and how eager they are to participate. It’s so easy to make an ordinarily humdrum concept come to life.

  6. I think this is a great question! I would have to say my Smartboard to show Powerpoints and create activities. The other gadget I love is my Staples “Easy Button”. When a student makes something look easy, they get to push the easy button!

  7. TimeLeft reminder system!!! I think of it as Transitions sent from heaven! I was looking for something to ding to remind me to go to phy ed each day. I happened to find Time Left on the internet for a trial use and FELL in LOVE!!! I now have most everyone in my school using it and they too have found behavior issues have almost disappeared! I have around 20 reminders that go off each day. I know longer feel like I deserve a medal for being the best “clock watcher”. I will never be late for phy ed again! I also can set specific times for students to leave for special classes, special presentations, anything! I cannot express enough how simple it is and how wonderful it is. I wish I could do a conference introducing every teacher to it, I know they too would LOVE IT!!! I sure hope we’re not the only school who has discovered it, or something similar to it. Think of it as a bell system, but individualized for each class, by the teacher. Plus, instead of a simple ding, you can use multiple sounds. It is just plain AWESOME!!!

  8. My favorite gadget this year is my little friend “DOTS” its a stuff animal in a shape of a ladybug. She listens well, keeps to herself and always smiles. The preschool children love her. The children are listening,cooperating,and much happier with each other. The children are having a great time communicating with each other and caring conversations among themselves and even inviting DOTS and myself to their conversations. I just love the reactions and expressions on their faces.

    Laugh a lot!

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