Falling Apart?

waterfountainOur drinking fountain is on the fritz here at The Mailbox. When I rounded the corner yesterday afternoon, the photo to your left is an image of what I saw. It honestly gave me the biggest laugh of the day. It’s temporarily out of order? I never would have guessed. 😉

Every workplace needs upkeep on occasion. And, just like in our homes, things tend to get old and need tweaking or replacing. (Prior to our drinking fountain, it was the ice machine. We love our ice. Those were some cranky times.)

What tends to need fixing at the school where you work? The copier? The air conditioning? The laminating machine? Let’s talk broken down stuff today on the blog. It’s interesting how the things that make our lives easier and more comfortable also make us want to tear our hair out.

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Thirsty at The Mailbox.

One thought on “Falling Apart?

  1. The copier is ALWAYS acting up…SOOO frustrating. You go in to do a 3 minute job and 15 minutes later you leave…usually without your copies. Still I remember the days of the mimograph copiers…even broken the copier is WAY better!! 🙂 Anyone else remember using a mimograph and getting cold, wet, blue ink all over your hands and clothes, or worse yet, all over your master copy and having to start all over? Those were the days that put things into perspective for me. 🙂

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