Fall Is Coming!

Every year around this time, a few friends and I have a little tiff. These friends want summer to continue forever. They glory in the heat and smell of sunscreen! They delight in hot car seats and shimmering pavement! I’m just tired of mosquitoes and sweat and want to put on a scarf and sweater. So what this leads to is a lot of good-natured complaining among us about the seasons and how we all just don’t understand each other.

No doubt you have students who also have difficulties saying goodbye to summer. Why not have a special day on September 22 to say goodbye in a fun and quirky way! Take a look at this idea. It’s a simple way to make the end of one season and the beginning of another one memorable. Plus it supports writing skills! Have fun!

One thought on “Fall Is Coming!

  1. Fall is my favorite season, hands down.

    This is a great idea that you have shared. It almost makes me wish I was teaching an upper-elementary grade! 😉

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