Fall Is Coming!

Do you know what I did last weekend?

                                                                                            I decorated for Halloween.

                                                                                                          I know, I know–I hate it when people rush the holidays. But I’m just so in the mood for fall weather and candy corn. So now it looks like Halloween has exploded in my home. My excuse is that I can think ahead because I know you need to plan ahead. Oh, I won’t go so far ahead that I give you Halloween activities, but I can definitely give you two of my favorite fall booklets! Happy almost fall! 🙂


                                                                                                                                                              Click here to get, “Fall Is Here.”








Click here to get, “Fall in the Park.”

3 thoughts on “Fall Is Coming!

  1. Fall is my season . I like the cooler temperatures, the beautiful colors of the trees, and the crunching sound of the falling leaves. I enjoy relaxing on my porch swing wearing light weight jacket or sweater and reading a book,

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