Fall Friends: Win This Book

Elliot and Mouse are ready for a vacation. They hop on a bus and head out to the country to pick apples, play hide-and-seek, and make new friends. Fall Friends is perfect for this month. And you can win my copy!

Here’s how to enter our random drawing: Submit a comment to this blog by November 14, 2017. In your comment tell us what your favorite hiding spot was when you were a kid. One lucky teacher will win this book!

Speaking of hide and seek, we’re not hiding the fun freebies we’ve found for you. After you post your comment to this blog, seek out great opportunities like these.

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My favorite hiding place was the closet at my grandparents’ house, behind the long coats. Such fun!


PS: Our Learning WIN contests are rolling along. Enter here.

34 thoughts on “Fall Friends: Win This Book

  1. Ii would sit in the hallway closet with a flash light and read books. I once read all my Christmas present books and put them neatly back so no one knew. I told my mom the story when I was about 30 years old. She was amazed!

  2. I found hiding spots wherever and whenever I could … behind the sofa, behind the curtains, and my favorite was under a sheet on top of the heating vent in winter with a flashlight … warm, cozy, and the heat would make the sheet billow up to form a tent of sorts. Great memory!!!

  3. Inside my Grandma’s Cedar chest on the back porch. It took my cousins over an hour to find me. It was like hiding in a coffin I developed Claustrophobia.

  4. My favorite hiding spot was in my closet. It connected to my parents’ closet and I would slide back and forth between them so I couldn’t be found. :+0

  5. There was a tree in the backyard that was shaped perfectly for me to sit and read for hours. I loved to hide up there and get away from my brothers!

  6. All of the neighborhood children would hang out behind my family garage because it was secluded with trees and shrubbery. We would hide out for hours talking and giggling.

  7. In the summer I would go down to the basement where it was cooler. I would sit on a comfy chair and read my books from the bookmobile.

  8. My favorite place to hide when I was a child was in the cherry tree in my backyard! I would take a book up there and read for hours!

  9. I would always hide behind our shed. And if I thought I was going to be found I would climb into the crab apple tree.

  10. My favorite spot was in my Mom & Dad’s closet. We lived in a really OLD house that had only one closet (that happened to be in my room). This of course was used by my parents. Because of the closets location I could even take a small, plug-in table light in the closet so I could read books or take a favorite stuffed toy or doll. I would dream of growing up big enough to wear my mom’s dresses and high heels, while playing or just hanging out.

  11. Being a country girl, my favorite childhood hiding spot was in the woods. There was a half-fallen tree (our horse) that we played on. This was a great hide-n-seek spot as they never found me. Life was so simple then…sigh!

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