Fall Freebies: New in My Inbox!

My inbox is full, so it’s time to share some fun offers and fabulous freebies just for teachers. Read on!

I just received a big box of books from ABDO Publishing, and I’m ready to share those as well. Submit a comment to our blog by midnight EDT on Monday, October 25, and you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win a set of nine new books from the ABDO Checkerboard Animal Library. In your post, let us know which of the freebies listed below are your favorites. Good luck! (Update: Congratulations to Amy B., who was our winner!)

The environment is a topic that many students are interested in. Capitalize on that enthusiasm with Pennies for the Planet from the National Audubon Society. Students collect spare change, and those funds help restore and protect breeding habitats for shorebirds in the Gulf of Mexico, protect endangered whooping cranes, and expand winter habitats for migrating monarch butterflies. To learn more or to request your free start-up kit, visit www.penniesfortheplanet.org.


Need some good ideas for teaching students’ favorite books? Check out the free resources available from Albert Whitman & Company. You’ll find free ideas for The Boxcar Children series, The Buddy Files, In the Garden With Dr. Carver, Zapato Power, and more. Plus learn about authors and illustrators, get the scoop on the new Boxcar Children ebooks, watch video trailers for favorite books, and much more.


Get hands-on activities that connect math and literature! Enter the Making Literature Connections contest from K-5 Kaplan, and you could win a Making Literature Connections manual. One teacher wins every week this month! Plus, for the grand prize, one teacher will win the corresponding set of children’s books too. Enter now at www.k5kaplan.com/contest.


Ready for a fresh batch of science resources? Look no further than Thinkfinity.com. You’ll be amazed at the many activities you’ll find, all free. Cover earth science, physical science, technology, animals and nature, the human body, and much more. You’ll even find resources for teaching about the rescue of the Chilean miners! It’s all at www.thinkfinity.org.

Submit a comment to our blog for a chance to win free books! Enjoy!


PS: Don’t forget, enter to WIN an interactive whiteboard, projector, and mobile storage system from Copernicus Educational Products. Get all the details at www.i-rover.info. Hurry, the contest ends November 1!

9 thoughts on “Fall Freebies: New in My Inbox!

  1. I imagine that this is where I post a comment to your blog to enter for the Making Literature Connections manual, my favorite prize! I am always on alert to sneak math in!

  2. Thinkfinity is a favorite of mine. I have been going there since Karen wrote about it in this blog. Although I teach preschool I have been able to use the site by altering their ideas slightly for my classes abilities.
    Can’t wait to se what the other sites offer.

  3. Love your Pennies for the Planet fund-raiser.
    Younger students are so eager to get involved in
    taking care of the Earth,and this is one easy and fun
    way for them to contribute to this cause.

  4. Thank you so much for all of the great information!! I really appreciate all of the resources you all share on your site! The Pennies for the Planet is a great program I am looking into starting with my class!

  5. Thanks for all of the information. I think pennies for the planet is a great program. I grew up in Louisiana and have spent many vacations at the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I stumbled upon your website searching for new things to explore with my class. What a great place. I bookmarked it and plan to come back a lot!

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