End-of-the-Year Emotions

Year-end madness can create a bucketful of emotions. In a recent post, educational blogger Stacy Tornio outlines “16 Emotions Teachers Feel Every Day in May…Before Noon.” Before noon! After reading the list, I was exhausted—never mind experiencing each emotion in a handful of hours! But then again, I’ve never really considered which emotions I experience before noon each day. The blog is a great read. Check it out here. But wait! Before you head over to Stacy’s blog, here are the 16 emotions.

smiley-432563_19201. Pooped

2. Triumphant

3. Irritable

4. Unimpressed

5. Flop-sweat nervous

6. Surprised

7. Overwhelmed

8. Perplexed

9. Excited

10. Blissful

11. Trepidatious

12. Relieved

13. Envious

14. Grateful

15. Exhausted

16. Hopeful

Whatcha think? Any that you’d like to add or delete?

Hang in there!



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