Don’t Get Spooked: These Prizes Are a Teacher’s Favorite Treat

We have a basket full of spooky and sweet seasonal surprises for you. You could win these books:

How can you scoop up the goodies? Submit a comment to this blog and let us know what your favorite candy is. Submit your comment by November 7, 2017, to be entered into our random drawing. Good luck!


Gaze upward; Saturday, October 28, is International Observe the Moon Night. Visit to find events and activities.


Have you read the book Wonder? This bestseller has been made into a movie, due in theaters November 17. Watch the trailer, download the free resource guide, and enter for a chance to win prizes. Get started here.

Here’s an out-of-this-world opportunity: You and your students can send your names to the Red Planet on board NASA’s InSight Mars lander. InSight launches in May 2018 and lands on Mars in November 2018. Visit; add your name to the list before November 1.

My favorite candy involves chocolate and peanut butter. What’s yours?


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49 thoughts on “Don’t Get Spooked: These Prizes Are a Teacher’s Favorite Treat

  1. I really like seasonal candies. My favorite candy in the fall is candy corn. Anytime of year, though, Reeces are great! All my kids would love these seasonal books!

  2. Peanut M & M’s. I can eat a whole bag and not even realize it. Especially if I am reading a good book at the same time!

  3. I’ve always loved Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups but have recently discovered Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups – yum!! I also adore Dark Chocolate.

  4. My favorite candy Almond Joy. I always convinced my own children after trick or treating that they didn’t like anything with coconut – lol.

  5. I think I am more excited by the candy than my children! I never buy it and love to sort through it all looking for the Butterfingers, Twix and Hershey’s with almonds!

  6. I have to say, like with all food, my candy favorite depends upon my mood and/or the season. To be summer is all about light, citrus flavors; some days, I need something chewy and crunchy to work out the stress; on a mellow days, a melty, smooth candy bar. Spring. . .jelly beans!!!! In all honesty, I love it all!

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