Does This Describe You?

I remember one day walking into a gas station during the years when I was teaching. The gas station attendant immediately asked, “Are you a teacher?” Clearly, I gave off the teacher vibe. Maybe I was humming “The Farmer in the Dell” or I gave a “teacher look” to some random unruly child in the gas station. Whatever the reason, my appearance, attitude, and actions fairly screamed, “TEACHER!”

Check out “15 Ways You Know You’re a Preschool Teacher.” If you’re an early childhood teacher, I bet you’ll recognize some of these!

What things do you do that give away your profession?

6 thoughts on “Does This Describe You?

  1. When I take a fruit salad to family gatherings and they find that I cut the grapes in half. Yup only a prek teacher would look at the danger of choking on a grape.

  2. Whenever I print in front of someone they ask me if I’m a teacher. That nice handwriting comes from many years of practice!

  3. I have to fight the urge to explain step by step instructions to adults that are having difficulty, as if they were my students.

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