Do You Read in the Bathtub?

bathtub-36382_960_720Today is National Read in the Bathtub Day! Honestly…it really is! The house I lived in several years back had a jetted garden tub, and several evenings a week I would immerse myself in hot, bubbling water while reading a book. Just thinking about it now makes me long for that tub.

Now I don’t think it’s wise to recommend that your youngsters read in the tub. As adults, we’re pretty good at keeping our book from getting splashed, although kids probably wouldn’t be as lucky. But we have some fabulous bathtub activities for you—including one that involves reading in a pretend bathtub! Check out these adorable splash-free options!




These tub-themed songs are good clean fun!

bubbling over






This display has fabulous follow-up activities!







Got a cardboard box? Then you can create this pretend bathtub for your reading center!


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