Do You Have Papyrophilia?

Do you have a love of paper? I do, which means I have papyrophilia—or so I’ve been told! Yes, I love pretty papers, greeting cards, colorful (and funny) notepads, wrapping paper, tissue paper, journals…. The list goes on. Oh, and books for sure! A few years back I had a yard sale and a lady laughingly said, “I see you suffer from papyrophilia.” My response? “What the heck is that?” She pointed to my baskets of unused notepads and note cards, my stack of scrapbook papers, and other miscellaneous paper products and said, “A love of paper.” I agreed wholeheartedly.

I also have a love of colorful markers, pencils, and pens. I’m not sure what that’s called.

I can’t say I suffer from either of these conditions. They certainly don’t affect my health, though perhaps they affect my pocketbook a bit.

Here’s my wonder: Are these common “loves” among teachers? Do you have a “love” you’d like to share?

Hoping to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “Do You Have Papyrophilia?

  1. I have Bibliophilia.
    And I, too, also have a love of different markers/pens/pencils – but I have no idea what it’s called. I tried looking it up but had no luck.

  2. Picture books! You can get lessons for all ages from a picture book , and everybody loves to hear the character’s voices.

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