Do I Have Your Attention?

I know you all have your favorite attention grabbers you use to get students’ attention in the classroom. But “One, two, three—eyes on me” and clapping random patterns can get a little old. Sometimes you may want to shake up your attention grabbers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crazy number of options? It sure would! Check out the options on the graphic to the right and take a look at         this master list of attention grabbers from the Confessions of a Nerdy Teacher blog. Teachers have commented to add even more options! I can imagine changing your attention grabbers every few weeks to add zip to your school routine. It’s fun for your students, and it’s fun for you!

Do you have a favorite attention grabber that’s not on the list?

3 thoughts on “Do I Have Your Attention?

  1. I really, really love your list of attention getters! I teach kindergarten and used only All Set? and Macaroni and Cheese – last year. The children LOVED macaroni and cheese – they would find a freeze pose! Thank you for sharing the others as well!!! I had to really chuckle over your Uf-da one – as I’m from Minnisooda…..;)

  2. I’ve only heard of a few of these! I love the idea of changing your attention getter every week or two. One of my attention getters is to slowly say 5 – 4 then faster, 3-2-1 Sssshhhh! The speaker at a conference I attended quietly said, “Raise your hand if you can hear me,” and repeated it as those in close proximity complied, so the circle of listeners quickly grew until by the 3rd repetition she had our attention and resumed her speech.

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