Did You Have a Teddy Bear?

When I discovered that this Saturday, September 9, is Teddy Bear Day, well my brain was overtaken with teddy bear thoughts. The idea that the Teddy Bear was named after President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt has always warmed my heart. (For a quick review of how this came to be, click here.) I’m also a fan of Jez Alborough’s trio of teddy bear books. Where’s My Teddy? remains my favorite.

Celebrating Teddy Bear Day may seem like a day just for little ones, however it doesn’t have to be. It’s the perfect opportunity to involve the younger crew in your favorite teddy bear activities. Older students (and adults!) can enjoy sharing details about favorite stuffed toys they had or still have.

My beloved childhood toy was a monkey named Squeaky. Squeaky went everywhere with me, including my first overnight camping experience with my older sister who was a Camp Fire Girl. I proudly placed Squeaky on my bunk bed, only to be told that Squeaky had to stay in my suitcase!! I was totally devastated. As you can tell, I still remember the experience today!

Looking forward to your favorite toy stories!


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4 thoughts on “Did You Have a Teddy Bear?

  1. I had a special pillow that got left in Las Vegas on vacation. I wanted my parents to turn around and go get it, but they refused. I was devastated.

  2. I had a doll from the age of 4 ( in the 1970s) until the mid-1990s. My husband’s cat got a hold of it and destroyed it. I was horrified, & I’m still upset about it to this day. That doll meant a lot to me!

  3. Yes, my mom told me i actually had three Mama, Papa, & Baby bear. She said they became very ragged and she was unable to repair them anymore and had to throw them away. I was devastated.

  4. I had a teddy bear when I was a child. In college, my roommate gave me a kit to make a Koala bear which became my teddy in clooge. Years ag I went to the Teddy Bear Factory in Stowe, VT and had a cat made, that is my “teddy” now.

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