Cranberries: Fast Facts and Fun!

Well it just makes sense to me that the day before Thanksgiving is National Cranberry Day. Personally, I love homemade cranberry relish, but I’m not a fan of that canned cranberry sauce. To recognize this very important day, I give you several cranberry facts–and a neat bonus activity that gives you a sneak peak at the types of fabulous options you get with The Mailbox® Gold!

Did you know…

  • Cranberries are native to North America.
  • Dutch and German settlers named this berry the “crane berry,” which was eventually shortened to “cranberry.”
  • Cranberries grow in marshy bogs–not underwater. The bogs are flooded during harvesting because the cranberries float.
  • During the times of large wooden ships, American sailors would eat cranberries on board to prevent scurvy. (Cranberries are high in vitamin C.)

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Get a bag of fresh cranberries and tape a sheet of paper to the bottom of a lidded plastic container. Have a child count out 15 cranberries and then place them in the container. (Depending on the child’s counting skills, you may wish to use a smaller number.) Also help the youngster add several dollops of colorful paint, identifying each color as she does so. Help her attach the lid. Then prompt her to shake the container vigorously. After several moments, encourage her to open the container. Then help her remove the cranberries to reveal her artwork!

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