Cool as Cucumbers?

How many of you are feeling cool as cucumbers in the midst of lockdowns, closings, and canceled events? Sort of difficult to pull off isn’t it. Dang that virus! Like the rest of you, I’m trying to do all the right things to curb the spread of COVID-19. Spreading kindness during this difficult time is something we can all do too. 

I’m not even going to tiptoe down the lane of disappointments that this virus has created. Instead let’s gallop onward with positive and encouraging thoughts. A friend of mine who has twins in second grade posted this on Facebook. It made me laugh. I hope it brings a chuckle your way too! The comment read…

Day 2 of
social distancing & homeschooling.
My dog ate a pencil.
(He is fine.)

Hang in there. We are all thinking of you!

5 thoughts on “Cool as Cucumbers?

  1. So, we can’t ever blame a child for not doing his or her work because some excuses are for real. My darling Newf has done something similar but it was crayons. Oh so colorful.

  2. I’m not doing a good job of staying cool. My husband and are both off work till further notice. We are trying to collect unemployment. We are both senior citizens and are just trying to make ends meet with our monthly social security checks. It’s sad but since I’m a teacher and i didn’t pay into social security my benefits have been cut. if i was to get the full amount it’d be about $800.00 a month however I only get $175.00. It is not even enough to pay any . utility bills, or even buy a week’s groceries. So my anxiety level is way up. My cucumber is shriveling. Lol!

  3. I wake up and think, “What is my plan for today?”….cooking, school work, baking, cleaning, exercise?…..and I just focus on my 1 day plan. That’s all we can do….
    And pray a semi carrying toilet paper breaks down infront of my house!

  4. I keep busy with e-teaching and e-learning. My school never opened after the Ski Break. This will be our third week of school closure. I actually wish I had time on to do other things around the house.

  5. We’re way out in the country, so teachers had to work last week and tomorrow. They changed our Easter break (you can tell we’re in the Bible Belt!) ’til next week with a mandatory workday to regroup on March 30. I’m working on making a schedule so I don’t go bonkers!

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