Connecting with Your Kiddos

Blog-Mbx-pagesThis morning, a local news personality spilled the beans—summer vacation for students and teachers is more than halfway over. Whaaaat? Say it isn’t so!

One of the great things about teaching, in my opinion, is the fresh start of a brand-new school. I like that “clean slate” feeling.  I also totally love getting to know each of my new kiddos. Check out this first week get-acquainted activity.  Cut apart the cards, store them in a nifty gift bag or box, and you’re good to go. Over the course of a few days, you’ll learn about your students, they’ll learn about you, and lasting connections will be made. Programmable cards are included too. This means you can customize the cards to your liking.

Because this activity is part of The Mailbox Gold library, it’s only available to nonsubscribers of Gold for the next week. So don’t delay in getting your copy!

I believe students who bond with their teachers are more motivated to learn. Do you agree?



4 thoughts on “Connecting with Your Kiddos

  1. Absolutely! Studies on students in poverty show that kids only work for teachers whom they like, for in poverty, relationships are more important than anything else. Since I have done most of my teaching with inner city students, I have found this to be the case.

  2. Absolutely!! I am always looking for more ways to develop that bond. We all know that for some of our students, whether inner-city, suburban, or rural; we are the only support they will get all day.

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