Cold Hands, Warm Heart

I don’t think I’ve ever had a classroom that was a comfortable temperature. Now, I know that we all have different internal thermostats. On any given day here at The Mailbox, you can find some people dressed in five layers and shivering while others have taken off as many layers as they can without getting fired. But classrooms seem to be particularly unruly temperature-wise—it really doesn’t matter what season it is. I’ve been a sweaty mess in the winter and frozen in the summer. Many times in my teaching career, I wore mittens as a year-round accessory.

Check out this hysterical blog entry about cold classrooms from Love, Teach. She provides some entertaining options to help classroom teachers stay warm when faced with a heater that isn’t really doing its job.

How is the temperature in your classroom?


One thought on “Cold Hands, Warm Heart

  1. So hot I think they are trying to slow roast me. I wear summer year round and its a shame I have some pretty sweaters.

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