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The definition of a packrat is someone who saves (or hoards!) unnecessary things. So what exactly is unnecessary? Is something unnecessary if you haven’t used it in the past year? Perhaps. But what if…? Yep, it’s those dang what-ifs that grind my purging to a halt. If you also experience the what-ifs and are facing a massive end-of-the-school-year cleanup, I have two recommendations. First, check your library for a copy of Mrs. McBloom, Clean Up Your Classroom! by Kelly DiPucchio. This outrageous tale is sure to make you feel oodles better about the task you’re facing. Secondly, give these three pre-purge questions a test drive.  

1) When did I last use this item?

2) Do I really need or want to keep this item?

3) How easily can I replace this item if I need it later?

On a scale from one to ten, with ten being “under control” how do you rate the progress of your end-of-school classroom cleanup?

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22 thoughts on “Classroom Cleanup—Pack or Purge?

  1. Probably a 5. I save things I shouldn’t, then when the next school year beings I ask myself, “Why did I save that?!”

  2. I am about a 4! Our new building is just about ready so the entire school needs to be packed – ugh!! I am getting better about purging as my packing time decreases!

  3. As we are recieving a new reading program and this is my first year, I am purging… my scale will be 8 I hope by the end.

  4. If I am being completely honest, I am a -5 …. but I do have plans to tacke the chaos so that next year I begin and end with 10 !

  5. – 10, so much to do. I am never really very organized, but right now I have so much to go through. Luckily I have a large recycle bin.

  6. _0- I just found out I may have to move AGAIN. I had three moves last year…PURGE when? There go some summer days…

  7. I have to honestly say, it depends on the year……if it’s been a long year with many added snow days, I want to get out – a 4! If I have time and not stressed with a vacation date looming overhead, I’d say between a 7-8 ….preparing my room for September ( or August in many cases! =0)

  8. I would say a 2. We had Open House last night. Administration says no packing up until June 16. Last day, June 21.

  9. A 10! I am retiring, and I have spent the whole year cleaning files and cupboards. I want to leave my classroom looking good. I have organized “stuff” that I wished I would have done years ago, so I could have enjoyed it myself. Don’t wait! Organize & declutter now!

  10. I am retiring this year after 25+ years of teaching and EVERYTHING must go…so I am resting at about a “5”. One rewarding retirement caveat is the freedom to gift any of my treasured books/games/posters to whomever desires or needs them the most. It puts a fine smile on my face and makes the end-of-the-year clean-up so much more enjoyable.

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