Christmas in July—Freebies for Teachers PLUS a Prize

I’ve never quite understood Christmas in July sales. I’m not ready for Christmas when it comes in December—why would I be ready in July? But as I looked at my current roundup of fun freebies and other goodies, I realized that it is sort of like Christmas in July: lots of great stuff selected with care and especially for you!

Let me know which of these freebies are your favorites. One lucky teacher will receive  Zoom In and Zoom Out: A Close-up and Far-out Look at Our World from DK Publishing. This book isn’t available for purchase yet, but I’ll send you my copy. It’s packed with the amazing photos that we’ve come to expect—and love—from DK! Submit your comment by midnight EDT on Monday, July 11, 2011. (Update: congratulations to Leah, who won our prize!)


Win a $10,000 grant, a visit to your school from The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, and more. How? Challenge your students to create an educational public service announcement in audio or video format that motivates Americans to adopt pets from animal shelters. The announcement should be a brief message that could be broadcast on TV or radio. The contest is open to students in preschool through grade 6. Click here now for details!


Hertz Furniture applauds teachers! In honor of all you do, Hertz will select one lucky teacher to win a home office furniture set valued at $1,000. It only takes a minute to enter. Click here now. Tell your friends and colleagues as well!


Are you ready for Boot Camp? ASCD is offering several free webinars this summer as part of the 2011 Summer Boot Camp webinar series. Topics include iPads in schools, self-directed learning, meeting the needs of all learners, and more. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity; click here now to sign up!


Don’t forget: submit a comment to our blog, and you could win our prize!


28 thoughts on “Christmas in July—Freebies for Teachers PLUS a Prize

  1. I learned about Christmas in July the year I worked at Qwasippe Boy Scouts camp in Whitehall, MI. It was fun we decorated the pine tree on the camp grounds with ornaments the boys made. Santa visited and gave all the boys gifts that helped them with their merit badge projects and the adults participated in giving out Secret Santa gifts. It is now a regular ritual we continue to even if we’re not at camp during that time of the year.

    I think it’s great that you’re doing it for us teachers. We don’t often get gifts from our students so it’s nice that we are thought about.

    I love the free furniture from Hertz. I am drawing up blueprints to convert one of my bedrooms into a Library. I am planning on building bookcases around the perimeter of the room and put a desk and chair in the small alcove so that I can set up my Laptop and use the room as my office too. I have a desk that I bought at a church rummage sale and mismatched chair that I bought at a resale shop.I repaired the chair arms and made a new cushion cover for the seat and thinking about maybe refinishing the desk until I can afford a new one. The desk is solid wood but some of the drawers are broken and don’t close all the way. Therefore I would love to be the lucky winner of Hertz prize.

    I love the Boot Camp Webinar too. All of these are gifts are so exciting I wouldn’t mind winning any of them. thank you and please keep on doing all these great things for us.

  2. Summer Boot Camp for Teachers! I’m looking in to that while I have alittle time to relax and work from home! Thanks, Karen!

  3. The webinar series looks great!!! Any new ideas are always welcome to keep myself up to speed in the world of education! Thank so much!!

  4. I never liked dogs, but after watching Cesar Millan, I now know it wasn’t the dog’s fault, it was their owners who didn’t train or handle them properly and allowed them to be so obnoxious and invasive. He is helping so many to treat their dogs as animals and not spoiled brats or putting them on the same level with human beings or greater, which is such a big mistake.

  5. Mutt-i-grees. I love the idea of my students making a PSA about adopting from the Humane Shelter. Our class visits our local shelter at least twice a year with special treats for the animals.

  6. The ASCD boot camp is a fabulous opportunity to learn, and for free! However, since educators, including myself, work much more at home than non-educators realize, the Hertz Furniture’s home office furniture set would make our alternate work site so much more pleasant and efficient. I’ve added three pets from animal shelters. Of course, I love DK! Did I have to choose only one?

  7. I love the Zoom In Zoom Out book A Close Up and Far Out Look at our World. It is a great way to show children a more concrete concept of space and our earth and how different things can be close up and far away.

  8. I really like the Hertz Furniture. I have already entered. I wish I had more time for the webinars but there is not enought time in the day for me to do everything I need to.

  9. I think the Zoom In Zoom Out book would not only be educational for my students, but I bet I’d enjoy it myself.

  10. Whenever I’m teaching and a teachable moment occurs where I can utilize a map with my students I take advantage of it. I would utilize the Zoom In Zoom Out book in the same way. I would incorporate it into my lessons as often as I could. What an awesome way to put the world into the hands of students. Then we could truly sing, “We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands!”

  11. I view the book, Zoom In, Zoom Out. I find it interesting and can see lots of use in my classroom. We as people are easy to adapt or accept things that are happening on their earth. This book could change students perspective and keep our earth healthy.

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