Children’s Books: Four More Favorites!

Looking for a few more top literature picks? Here are favorites from Learning magazine’s children’s book expert, Kim Minafo.

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Stick Man
By Julia Donaldson
Happily residing in his family tree with his three stick children, Stick Man is content—until a boy and his dog decide to play fetch. Traveling from the river to the beach, the stick soon finds himself stuck atop a pile of firewood. Will his future go up in smoke? Grades K–3, $16.99. Arthur A. Levine Books.


By Gary Paulsen
He’s smart. He’s savvy. And the 12-year-old Mudshark (aka Lyle Williams) just might be resourceful enough to save the school from a psychic parrot, a thief who steals erasers, and toxic waste that threatens to overtake the faculty restroom. Grades 3–6, $12.99. Wendy Lamb Books.


The Longest Night
By Marion Dane Bauer
In the frigid stillness of winter, several forest animals boast of their ability to force the sun to return. A crow plans to poke the sun until it wakes, and a fox claims to have teeth sharp enough to grab the sun and toss it back into the sky. But, in the end, a tiny chickadee’s gentle song melts the frosty darkness of winter. Grades K–3, $17.95. Holiday House. (Annette, let us know your thoughts once you receive this book!)


The Magician’s Elephant
By Kate DiCamillo
When Peter dares to ask a fortune-teller whether his sister is alive, he is torn between accepting her answer and trusting what he has always been told—that his sister died at birth. Should he believe the mystic’s vision that an elephant will lead him to his sister? Before Peter has a chance to decide, an elephant magically crashes through the ceiling of the opera house, setting off a remarkable chain of events. Grades 4 and up, $16.99. Candlewick Press.

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7 thoughts on “Children’s Books: Four More Favorites!

  1. I teach English as a Second Language in Middle School, grades 6-8. I am always looking for good books to help my stimulate my student’s desire to learn English better. I appreciate the opportunity to see new books that are available! Thanks! Mary S.

  2. I would really like to see some bilingual books for Spanish and Chinese. Are there any available? The ones you have shown are great! Mary S.

  3. I always love hearing about new literature for writer’s workshop! I participated in a program called the Upstate Writing Project in South Carolina, which focuses on using the 6+1 Writing Traits in the classroom. It encourages the use of picture books to help all students, even 5th graders, build their writing skills. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for telling us about more great books. My daughter who is a first grade teacher with her Masters in reading LOVES stories for her students.
    I will forward these on to her.
    I have been a teacher and Director in early childhood for many, many years. As one reader commented, I too would use a book or story to “teach a lesson, or help a student for example better understand a social situation, or response. What better way to guide a child most especially when delivered with love and honesty.
    Sincerely, (“doubly appreciated)

  5. I love hearing about new books. Sometimes I think I have more children’s books than adult. I love the book Where the Wild Things Are.

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