Checking in on Tech

Toward the end of The Mailbox Work Day yesterday, I was chatting with two other editors about life, the universe, and everything, when one of them announced to us that her phone was telling her that it was time to go home. It has learned her habits that well. We’re not sure how it’s done this.

Meanwhile, due to a number of issues, including hacking by students and not-so-shatter-resistant screens, the local school district is reining in and possibly even temporarily suspending use of the fabulous new student tablet PCs it purchased for our middle schools.

On the flip side, The Mailbox is now selling more than 300 of its classic and most popular titles in eBook format. Their pages are easy to print and even easier to project. That makes them ideal for use on interactive whiteboards or from computer projectors. Many longtime customers of The Mailbox are purchasing eBooks they already own a print copy of in order to make their lives easier and to reduce bookshelf clutter.

The March of Time is a messy one. Progress does not always feel much like progress at all. Yet you, the teacher, are the constant. Sound off on the advance of technology in the classroom. What’s working well for you this year? Is there anything disappointing you? And what’s on your wish list?

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