Celebrating Each Person’s Contribution: Win This Sweet Story

My dad and grandfathers built the house I grew up in, from running the electricity to doing the brick work. Maybe that’s why Around the Table That Grandad Built (Candlewick Press) jumped out at me. This perfect-for-Thanksgiving book celebrates everyone’s unique contribution to a festive family meal. And you can win the book!

To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to this blog by Thursday, December 5, to let us know one thing you’ll contribute to Thanksgiving dinner, whether it’s your sparkling personality, world-famous pumpkin pie, or a container of takeout. One lucky teacher will win! Congratulations to our lucky winner Patti! In return we’re contributing this week’s list of great websites, grants, and freebies, all related to sharing and caring. Take a look.

Project Hero involves grades 3–12 students on quests to help local species and ecosystems. Quests culminate in a hands-on project, and grants are available to help with materials. Learn more at herofortheplanet.org.

In the Listen to a Life Contest, students ages 8–18 interview someone 50 or older about how the person overcame obstacles and then write an essay. The grand prize is a $100 gift card and keepsake timepiece plus an awards certificate. Visit legacyproject.org/contests for details. 


Emotional ABCs covers self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making for grades K–3. You’ll get sequential workshops with a warm-up, mini-lesson, self-reflection, and more, all free. Sign up at emotionalabcs.com/teachers.



Not sure yet what my Thanksgiving contribution will be. I’m hoping your comments will inspire me!


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41 thoughts on “Celebrating Each Person’s Contribution: Win This Sweet Story

  1. My mom was killed in a car accident in April 2018. She was famous for her homemade candies, her potato salad, her cheese cookies, and her ham/cream cheese/pickle rolls. My sister, my daughters, & I will be carrying on these traditions in her memory. 🙂

  2. I will make be bringing to the table, food made with love and at the end of the meal ,after playing Yahtzee and deserts, I hope lots of good memories!

  3. As the first thanksgiving with out my father, we are working together to lighten the load for my mom. I will be helping with cooking one of the Turkeys as my mom teaches me to make the stuffing.

  4. I will be hosting Thanksgiving and providing food, deserts, drinks and a warm loving home! We will be counting our blessing as My dad and my Aunt both 89 will be joining us again this year..

  5. Our house to host our family from out of town and a creamy Brussels
    Sprout dish. (My husband loves to do most of the cooking) 🙂

  6. Oddly enough, I will be traveling to my daughter’s and having to earn my Thanksgiving dinner. I will be helping her paint rooms in her new house. Then she assigned me the role of making appetizers which will be a mixed vegetable salad. Boy…what a person has to do to get a turkey dinner. ????

  7. I always take my thanks to my mother-in-law who prepares the dinner. I will also make and take the green bean casserole. I wish I would have seen this book before I did my STEM activity with second grade-they had to use dominoes and craft sticks to build a table to fit the most cut out pieces off food without overlapping. They loved it and this book would be a great lead for this activity.

  8. I will be running the Feaster Five that helps raise funds for different organizations. Then home to watch my favorite, the Macy’s parade while cooking for my beloved family. Later enjoying my husbands late Aunt Gretas Chocolate Cream Pie that’s a must every Thanksgiving.

  9. I’m traveling to my brother’s new house to help christen it with the first holiday meal….the only contribution I am not making is several well-deserved bottles of wine!!!! =o)

  10. I will be contributing a dessert – either pumpkin pie made with vanilla pudding and Cool Whip or a sweet potato cheesecake.

  11. My home, fall decorations, roasted multi-color carrots, some type of brussel sprouts and desssert. My 85 year old Mom still wants to cook the turkey, stuffing and gravy and I will be happy to let her!

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