Bye-Bye, September!

Cat in leaves

Yes sirree! Fall arrived last week, and October arrives this week. What does a change of the season or month mean in your classroom? The classroom calendar needs to be changed, for sure. Will you freshen up a display? Showcase a new door decoration? Bring out the fall stickers? Plan a field trip? Add some seasonal books to your classroom library? I’d sure love to hear from ya!

Lovin’ fall,

Diane  #BeTheDifference



2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, September!

  1. Oh my goodness I do all of the above of course. But what I love best is bringing in all the fall items. So far I have added pumpkin gourds and bumpy pumpkins. This week I will go to the farm and get a ghost pumpkin (a white pumpkin) the kiddos love them. I will keep adding to our collection until we have enough to make prints with. Today I had so much fun I read the book Leaf Man and then the kiddos pulled leafs off a branch I brought in and made their own leaf creations. They are amazing. I love fall.

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