Bye, Bye, Barnum & Bailey

CircusI admit I was one of those who gasped when I learned that Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey will end all of its performances this May after a 146-year run. Now let me say this. I am an animal lover, so please don’t blast me for feeling sentimental. As crazy as it sounds, I have fond childhood memories associated with the circus. The sounds, the smells (yes, the smells!), and the anticipation of what was going to happen next!

As I understand the decision to close didn’t hinge on one factor, but many. Ticket sales had declined and operating costs had increased. The mounting negativity in regards to capturing and training wild animals to perform as entertainment was certainly a factor. I am extremely comforted in knowing that every circus animal will be placed in a safe and healthy environment. I wish the best for the many circus performers and crew members. too.

I guess the end of the circus era was inevitable, wasn’t it? There are so many other sources of entertainment these days. Let’s not forget the bounty of nature that’s right outside our windows.



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3 thoughts on “Bye, Bye, Barnum & Bailey

  1. I too love animals but am sad the circus is closing. I have so many fond memories of going as a child and the excitement.

  2. I’m very sorry too but I have decided to keep my Circus unit growing and just as fun/exciting as they were! Peace. Ms. Monica

  3. I too have very fond memories of the circus and my fondest are when you see the circus thru a child’s eyes seeing it for the first time. I am so glad we took my nieces and nephews when they were little. I wish the people who “protect” animals are as worried about the people they are leaving without jobs. What about Cavallia? Are they going to complain about the mistreatment of the horses too? or is it just circus animals.?!

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