By George, It’s a Giveaway!

Yes, it’s the first Friday of February, and here at The Mailbox Blog, this means it’s giveaway time! This month’s giveaway is a first of its kind! We’re letting you select the prize you will receive if you are the randomly selected giveaway winner!

Blog-George-WJust a few guidelines:

You must choose a prize from the provided list. (Unfortunately you won’t find a trip to the Bahamas listed. :+)

 You must leave your prize request on the blog before midnight EST, February 15.

You may enter only one time.

Let me know which of these five prizes is your fave!

Three free digital downloads from

A surprise pack of school supplies

A $15 gift card to Bath & Body Works

A $15 gift card to Target

A free book from

Good luck!


Congratulations to Amy, the winner of February’s First Friday Giveaway!

70 thoughts on “By George, It’s a Giveaway!

  1. Wow!!!! What a giveaway! I love all the choices! If I had to pick….. I would love Target!!! I could buy more things for my classroom! Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  2. I would love a surprise pack of school supplies. Our preschool is brand new (1st year) so our supplies are limited. I would love to help build them up!

  3. Really it is hard to pick, but who doesn’t like a surprise! I guess I would have to say the surprise school supplies would be my favorite.

  4. Sooo exciting!!!!! Mailbox you always have such fun things to share…thanks for all of your great ideas! A surprise pack of school supplies sounds exciting!!!!

  5. I haven’t been on the blog site before, but I will have to start checking things out on a regular basis. I so would love the surprise pack of school supplies:)

  6. Since I am the librarian, I would have to say a book from would benefit all of the teachers at our school!!!

  7. I would love a surprise pack of school supplies (geared toward preschoolers) that I could use for the children in my classroom that cannot afford to get their supplies themselves.

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