Busy, Busy, Busy!

gingerbread-1142799_960_720There seems to be two different types of holiday people: the frantically busy and the insanely frantically busy. All people of my acquaintance are driving themselves crazy over the holidays. We’re all frazzled and losing our minds. And I wonder why we do it. Why are some of us incapable of just taking the easy route? The tree doesn’t have to be huge, the wrapping does not have to be perfection, and you do not have to produce five different types of holiday cookies. You’re a teacher, and your life is frantically busy when you aren’t on vacation. Remember to slow down during your holiday, take deep breaths, and get some sleep! You deserve it!

This has been a public service message from your friendly Mailbox blogger, editor, and cookie-baking overachiever.


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