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I’ve got a question for ya this Monday morning! Have you discovered new ways to use bulletin board border? There are so many colorful designs available! Of course, you probably want to put newly purchased border around a bulletin board, but what about the border you used last year or the year before? Has anyone used spare bulletin board border to make puzzles, minibook covers, or game trails? Hey, what about bulletin board border bookmarks? Or maybe you have a new use for new border!

Eager to hear!


12 thoughts on “Bulletin Board Border

  1. We put it into a collection box for students to use in making crafts.

    (My wife and I also find bulletin board borders at thrift stores all the time, for super cheap)

  2. I use the older borders that have ben torn or where parts are too worn, by cutting them up into picture segments and place them in a container with gluesticks in the Math Center for patterning creations/practice. We also place cut up borders in the Art Center for the kiddos to use in their crafts. They also make cool headbands for “crowns” as rewards or for displaying stickers earned for good behavior!

  3. When I taught pre-k and kindergarten, I used to cut “educational” border(colors, shapes, letters, etc.)into individual squares and the children used them as their own little sets of flashcards.I also keep it available for students to use for art projects.

  4. I made a matching game for my special education preschoolers. It was a stocking border with pictures on the stockings.

  5. collage material and if the picture is big enough I use them on my name tags and cubbies for symbols. I have even bought extra sets just for this purpose when I find cool ones.

  6. We used border for making placemats for holidays. We glued a strip of holiday themed border across the bottom of construction paper then the students colored in the space above the border. It was cute and very economical.

  7. I use the Dollar Tree to purchase boarders. They are educational and the least expensive to cut apart. Like other teachers the shapes, numbers and letters are used in different areas: Art collages, Writing, (laminated for OT tracing)
    Used for small group activities:
    ordering, patterning, and using letters to make personalized name cards.The cards can be used to create a “my space” on the bulletin board.
    Later on in the school year the letters can be used to create personnalized sight word flashcards.

  8. I use border scraps for personalized book lists. Based on student reading surveys, I list books and authors the student may enjoy. I leave space for them to add to the list. This piece then becomes their book mark and travels to the library so they have a “shopping list.”

  9. This year I change my theme to “owls”. Instead of buying all new number lines and alphabet wall charts, I used the border to change the design. It worked nicely and extended the life of old items I was not longer going to use.

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