Brussels Sprouts or Broccoli?

Blog-Bunny-2Because March is National Nutrition Month, I could drone on about the merits of healthy eating—or not! Yes, I advocate a healthy lifestyle so long as it includes a bit of chocolate here and there (and here and there). However, today I’m championing painting with vegetables. Check out these two adorable bunny crafts. The craft to the left is a brussels sprout creation. The craft below is a broccoli creation. I was inspired by a craft found on Pinterest. (Click here.)

I’d never considered painting with brussels sprouts, and this veggie technique inspired me to try broccoli too. I liked the way both projects turned out. I do think little ones might find it easier to paint holding onto stalks of broccoli than halved brussels sprouts.Blog-Bunny-1

If you’d like to give this project a whirl, click here for a free bunny pattern. I painted on construction paper. When the paint dried, I stapled the corners of the pattern to the painted paper and cut out the bunny shape. Or you could print the pattern directly on the construction paper.

What bunny-related activities do you have planned for spring?

Hippity hoppity!



2 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts or Broccoli?

  1. I do not advocate using food to paint with. In a time of people who are homeless or the very poor, I do not feel it is ok to teach children to waste food. Even if kids do not like to eat broccoli or Brussels sprouts, they need to value food, and learn that others do not have enough, so we do not want to waste it.

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