Brushing Up

So I have painting on the brain—interior house painting, to be exact. My husband and I are in the process of moving to the house he grew up in, and it needs some cosmetic improvements. His mom, who was a wonderful lady we all miss, had a thing for flowered wallpaper. We had the wallpaper removed, the walls sanded, and now we’re mostly ready to have the painting done. Everything is chaotic and covered with dust. Above you’ll see the current state of the dining room. *insert silent scream*

And because I’m focused on painting right now, I decided to search for paintbrush-related activities on The Mailbox® website. Of course I had several hits and this was a favorite! This activity helps students brush up on figurative language, but you could use the pattern to have students brush up on any skill. I love a pattern that’s versatile!



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