Body Positivity

This Wednesday, October 20, is Love Your Body Day. That’s a tough order for a lot of us, because we’re used to focusing on our flaws. Even young students can find themselves unhappy with the way they look, particularly when they’re bombarded with photoshopped images in the media. That’s why it’s important to teach students that their bodies are amazing, no matter the shape or size. Check out this song on self esteem. After a class sing-a-long, ask youngsters to share what they like about themselves. Emphasize that we are all unique in the way we look and in our abilities—and that’s a wonderful thing!

I Like Me!

(sung to the tune of “Bingo”)
I like my nose; I like my toes.
I really like to be me. M, E—I like me!
M, E—I like me!
M, E—I like me!
That’s who I want to be!


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