Behold the Brain Break

For some time now, brain breaks have been all the rage. Giving our brains a break every now and again certainly makes sense to me! When my brain feels like it’s ready to pop, I know I’m in trouble. Research indicates that brain breaks are a quick and effective way to activate, energize, and stimulate the brain. Research also suggests that brain breaks improve students’ ability to concentrate and relieve stress. Until recently, I thought all brain breaks involved dancing or similar movements, which I’m thinkin’ wouldn’t go over so well here at the office! But then I came across some brain breaks that involve eye blinking, finger snapping, and grabbing your nose and ear lobes. Gotta try those!

I’d love to hear your tips for incorporating brain breaks into your teaching day. Please also share the types of brain breaks you feel are most beneficial for your students.

Blink, snap, blink, snap!


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3 thoughts on “Behold the Brain Break

  1. I give our brains a break by having everyone lie on the floor and we deep breath. First we fill our lungs and then let it out, then breathe down all the way to our tummy and hold to 3, then all the way to our toes hold to 3.
    Then I have the children tense and release their shoulders, arms and legs and toes.
    Then we deep breathe again.

    It works well for the teachers too.

  2. I have my kids do wiggle time, we stop what ever we are doing, and just wiggle our whole body. Sometimes we wiggle from our chairs, in circle time, or while standing!! It works great, plus it’s really FUN!!!!

  3. I play “If You’re Happy and You Know It”…I go through the body parts-
    beep your nose; ding dong your ears; shoulders up/down; tap the table slowly/fast; tap the table softly/loud (children can give a scream); and finally stand up-wiggle wiggle and sit down,

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