Be a Friend to Animals—and WIN a Book About Endangered Species!

Kids love animals. Tap into that natural interest with the new book, Can We Share the World With Tigers?, by Robert E. Wells. This new book shares dozens of animal facts and introduces terms like extinct, habitat, and sustainable. To enter our contest, submit a comment to our blog to let us know which of this week’s featured freebies make you want to stand up and roar. Send your comment by midnight EDT on Thursday, September 27, 2012. Good luck! (Update: congratulations to Lori, who was our lucky winner!)

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Tigers are just one of the many animals students will learn about with the Animal Ambassador program from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. This free program provides activities, nonfiction passages, and worksheets each month to help you address Common Core standards and teach animal facts. Plus when you become an Animal Ambassador, you’ll be entered into a drawing to WIN a $1,000 Visa gift card. Click here now!

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Win an iPad for yourself, and one for your school! It’s all part of the iLove My School sweepstakes from FundingFactory. Plus, download free activities and worksheets to teach students what happens to our used printer cartridges, cell phones, and electronics when we’re done with them. Then find out how your school can earn cash by collecting these items. Learn more!

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at where our food comes from and join the journey from farm to fork with free activities and worksheets from the Alliance to Feed the Future. Plus one lucky teacher will WIN a $2,500 grant to teach students about food production, three first-prize winners will win $1,000 grants, and three second-prize winners will win $500 grants. Enter now and download your free activities!

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Here’s a super sweepstakes to tell parents about: one lucky winner receives a $20,000 scholarship for college tuition, one first-prize winner receives a $5,000 scholarship, and 18 runners-up win iPads. It’s all part of the Brain Quest College Tuition Sweepstakes. Enter now!

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Learning about ladybugs? Studying spiders? Interested in ants? Get all of the answers to students’ insect-related questions with Harry’s Big Adventure, sponsored by Terminix. Visit the Bugopedia, download free activities, find fun facts, and much more. You can even arrange to have a Terminix expert visit for a classroom show and tell session. Learn more!

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11 thoughts on “Be a Friend to Animals—and WIN a Book About Endangered Species!

  1. I will be checking out the funding factory> our little preschool is always looking for a way to make fundraising easier.


  2. I love sharing information about endangered species and other animals with my students. Sharing the World with Tigers and the Animal Ambassador experience both sound interesting and I actually have used the Bugopedia from Harry’s Great Adventure in my classroom.

  3. Funding Factory looks wonderful! I like to teach about taking care of the environment and if we can make some money for our class it’s even better. Thanks!

  4. My kids are always excited to learn something new about animals. we would love the new book” we can share the world with tigers”. thanks

  5. Can We Share the World With Tigers would be an awesome addition to read before my students and I head over to the Point Defiance Zoo this winter. Thanks for the opportunity

  6. We are studying all the habitats of the world during this school year along with the animals that live in each area. This book would be a wonderful addition to jungle unit with the extra knowledge of tigers. Thank you for the possible opportunity.

  7. I am a home school teacher/grandparent and this book would be an excellent addition to our small library. We need books but are on a very limited income. So, winning this book would be such a joy to us.

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