Back-to-School Packets!

I suspect that you fall into one of these categories:

  1. You will be going back to school soon.
  2. You are already back to school.
  3. You don’t get a summer break and don’t want to hear others talk about back to school.
  4. You’re retired and spend most of your time smiling and thinking about how relaxed you are.

If you belong in categories 1 through 3, I suspect you are low on money for school supplies and teaching materials. That means our epackets are perfect for you! Epackets are bundles of Mailbox® activities and printables that are priced to make you happy. Our epackets are available in a wide variety of themes and skills! Click here to see all of our epackets. Here are some of my favorites for back to school!


This preschool apple epacket ($3.99) contains over 20 activities and all the printables for an entire week! Click here for the kindergarten version.



This back-to-school epacket for kindergarten and first grade ($3.99) contains get-acquainted activities, ideas for building a classroom community, a welcome letter, a following directions worksheet, and more!



This back-to-school epacket for grades 2-3 ($3.99) has writing prompts, getting-acquainted activities, math reviews, and other terrific activities and printables!

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