Back-to-School: Everything You Need!

It’s official: if crayons are on sale for a nickel, then back-to-school must be coming soon. Read on for great offers that will help you get the supplies you need for the new school year!


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Are you preparing school supply lists for your class? Include Westcott kids’ scissors and you’ll be eligible for a gift—a FREE pair of titanium nonstick adult-size scissors valued at $17! Westcott kids’ scissors feature Microban antimicrobial protection to help keep germs under control this year. To get your free gift, fax your school supply list showing Westcott kids’ scissors to 203-254-6019 or email it to Click here now to learn more or to access a ready-to-use school supply list!


Have you heard about Cricut? It’s the latest innovation in paper crafts. Do arts and crafts, create classroom decorations, and much more with this personal electronic cutter. Watch the demonstration video to see all that Cricut can do. Plus check out the free project ideas at the Cricut Education website. Click here now!


Doing a class website and keeping it updated can be a drain on your time. With TeacherWeb, you’ll get templates that you can customize and update with just a few clicks. The program is used by more than 100,000 teachers all over the world. Get all the details; click here now!


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Be sure to submit a comment to our blog. You could be our lucky prize winner!!


14 thoughts on “Back-to-School: Everything You Need!

  1. I am picking up school supplies everywhere right now. For the classroom I am checking for the best price on dry erase markers and sticky tack. I already purchased the markers, glue and glue sticks.
    I love shopping the sales on supplies. And of course the teacher needs to buy a few new outfits for herself. Happy shopping everyone.

  2. Hi Karen,
    Just wanted to tell you I checked out the Cricut site
    and I know what I am asking Santa for this year. Love it. Thanks for keeping us teachers up to date on everything.

  3. I have been shopping for great sales on the basics like glue and art supplies for my new classroom. I have gotten some great deals but am still looking!!!

    I have the cricut and it is amazing!! I use it for everything!! Absolute best purchase!!

  4. Last year, manila paper seemed in short supply everywhere I went–including at arts & crafts stores–so this year, I’m stocking up early!

  5. Something new I’ve seen this year at the stores is 1MB flash drives for students. I’m putting this on my list so I have a way to save student writing in the computer lab.

  6. I am stocking up on the basics for the children that might not be able to buy what they need at school. Lined paper, glue, scissors, folders, pencils, erasers, and more. I want all my children to have the same starting point so that they can be successful!

  7. We have a new science series this year,so I’ve been busy looking at the new materials and units. So exciting! I’ve shopped the early sales and have all the initial needed items the students will be needing. My wish is that classrooms could be air-conditioned for those first few weeks of school…unfortunately, the bottle with the genie in it wasn’t included in the science toolkits!

  8. I have hit yard sales and bought quite a few cute chairs for our new reading corner. I also picked up quite a few popular stuffed characters like Spiderman, Dora, Carebears, Dr.Seuss characters, etc. to put in the reading corner. The preschoolers love to match the characters to the books and they also love to read to the stuffed characters. I wash everyone of them before I take them to the preschool. I have been collecting school supplies as they go on sale. I also have really good parents who buy big amounts of school supplies when they are on sale and they donate those to our preschool class. Thanks to your blog I am purchasing the Westcott kid’s scissors for my preschool classroom. They are the best scissors for little hands. Thanks for all that you do for teachers. Have a great school year!

  9. I always hit the sale at WAl-Mart as soon as school supplies go on sale. I buy about 5 sets of the supply list I set up for my students. That way the first day of school anyone that doesn’t have what they need I can just pull out of the closet and everyone starts off well supplied. I’m especially glad I did that this year because I had several students who were not able to afford all the school supplies on the list.

  10. I am on the lookout for individual dry erase boards. They are the best for getting students to work the problems out and for a quick erase should there be a mistake. I’m also looing for 24 sets of headphones. With a mobile lab that can travel around the school, it is important to get the students using the computers, but not afraid of the sounds. Sharpie markers are also always a good find. 🙂

  11. In response to Aimee’s dry erase boards, I use Donna Whyte’s Writing folder which has a back cover that you can use as a dry erase board. I have had good success with these. Students use old socks for an eraser but we have also used paper towel or kleenix.
    We have the folders counted into our book fees so every child is insured to have a writing folder. The folders are approx. $2.50 each and can be purchased through Crystal Springs.

  12. Great shared tips. It is always nice to ready information like this before going out for school supplies shopping. We learn new ideas and trend and that way we are sure that our kids are not out dated with what is in and good.

  13. I, too, have a Cricut Expression and love it! It’s been the single most important tool that I’ve ever purchased as a teacher making my life much easier. I encourage every teacher to consider purchasing one. A teacher friend of mine and I purchase cartridges and share – so, together we have an awesome library!

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