Art Samples? We Make Them!

Yes, that’s my foot in the photo. I’m in the office and I’m painting with my toes. Why? Because this art project is in an upcoming issue of The Mailbox® magazine, preschool edition, and I want to make sure it’s not too awkward for little ones to accomplish. You would think I would get strange looks from my coworkers, but that’s not the case. It’s fairly common to see editors here creating samples in the office. It’s the only way to make sure teachers are getting workable activities.

Check out this super process art–tested by yours truly. 🙂

Paint and Roll

In advance, wrap Bubble Wrap cushioning material around a large cardboard tube and then secure it in place with staples or tape. Next, paint a design on the Bubble Wrap. Then roll the tube over a sheet of construction paper. If desired, add more paint to the Bubble Wrap and repeat the process. The result is a colorful process art masterpiece!


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