Are You Feeling Appreciated?

Some of you may know that in addition to writing blogs for The Mailbox, I also do Facebook and other social media channels. Last week I put up the following question on The Mailbox Facebook page: What do you wish your school would do for Teacher Appreciation Week? I suspected you would have opinions…and I was correct. Many of you shared what you wished your school would do but others shared the best Teacher Appreciation Weeks they’ve had in the past. Here are some snippets that say a lot about the needs of teachers. 

  • To me words are empty when actions and attitude do not back it up. 
  • One of the coolest things my school did for us once was the admin staff figured out a way to give each teacher a half day by covering their classes. It was a wonderful gift!
  • Someone take our recess duty for the week.
  • We had 10 minute massages last year! The room had relaxing music & a waterfall. It was wonderful!!!
  • Forego the sugar and carbs, give us a genuine note of appreciation or gratitude and the gift of time.
  • Well…. I homeschool so I think we will spend a week learning about pedicures and massage.
  • Shouldn’t every week be teacher appreciation week?
  • Don’t wait til that week to say things like, thank you, you’re appreciated, I see you, etc.
  • Put in an endless supply of coffee.
  • Rest of the year off?! Am I dreaming too big?!
  • A bonus! That’s all! Period!

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