Are You a Leftie or a Rightie?

Lefties unite! Today, August 13, is Left Hander’s Day. I’m not sure how a leftie is supposed to celebrate this day. It might be fun to challenge your right-handed pals to complete a variety of tasks using only their left hands.

I’ve read that left-handed folks rely mostly on the right sides of their brains and right-handed folks rely mainly on the left sides of their brains. This would mean that left-handers are more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective, while right-handers are more logical, analytical, and objective. I’m not sure about all that. Personally, I don’t care which hand a person writes with. However, I do think that lefties probably face more obstacles since so much of the population is right-handed.

Do you make special classroom accommodations for left-handed students?

That’s question number one. Question number two is,

“Are you a leftie or a rightie?”

I’ll toss in a third question too.

Do you think left-handed students have a more difficult time in school?

Always curious,


PS: Guess what? Everyone is a “Left Hander” in Left Hand, West Virginia!


4 thoughts on “Are You a Leftie or a Rightie?

  1. Yes, I seat my lefties all at the same group, or side by side with another leftie, or at the far end of a row with nobody on her left side. I’m a righty; my mom and one of my three children are lefties. Lefties have to hold paper and pencil differently and righty scissors don’t work for them. I heard that there’s a higher ratio of lefties in athletics, art, and music!

  2. I have never had to make any accommodations, but if I needed to do so I would. I myself am ambidextrous- I drive left handed, eat left handed, I can write leftie but rightie is tidier. My great grandmother was also ambidextrous and could write with both hands at the same time, one script was forwards, the other was backwards when she wrote.

  3. I am right handed however all three of my children are left-handed. My 2 sons do everything with left hand my daughter however only uses her left hand to write. My oldest son was bullied by his teacher to use his right hand in school. However I put a stop to and with help of another teacher who had lost her right arm she showed me how to help my son use his left hand. I passed it on to my other and daughter.

  4. I do think lefties have a more difficult time in school. Unless their teacher is also a leftie…My daughter is right-handed. However, she does the ooposite with her legs. She pumps with her left root while standing on the right on her scooter, she does a cartwheel by starting with the left foot and hand. I am right handed and footed so I have a hard time helping her.

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