Apples and Teachers

Why do we associate apples and teachers? I did a little snooping, and the most logical explanation I have found is that, before public-funded education, families often had a barter system with teachers so their children could go to school. Thus, it wouldn’t be uncommon for a teacher to get a crate of apples for her time and talent. Also, the apple is a traditional symbol of knowledge. Put these two tidbits of info together and voilà—we associate teachers and apples.

The Mailbox knows this! We have 713 apple activities, worksheets, art projects, patterns, and cards on our website. Apples aplenty!

See below for two of my faves. Then click here for the full selection!

apple acrostics

These apple acrostics would look terrific displayed in your classroom or hallway!

apple hunt

This adorable apple booklet reinforces reading skills and position words!


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