Another Giveaway? You Got It!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy—it’s another giveaway! Today’s National Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway prize is five nature-themed books. The collection includes a wordless picture book that reminds readers of the importance of bees in our ecosystem, a stunning picture book that introduces seventeen fantastic flowers, two books about trees that beg to be compared and contrasted, and a plant reference book like none other. So how can you enter to win this amazing collection? Simply leave your answer to the following question in the comment section of this blog. Be sure to do this before midnight on Sunday, May 14, 2017. I’ll announce the winner right here on the blog, and I’ll also notify the winner at the email address used to submit the comment. Here’s today’s question!

What is your favorite flower?


Daisies for me!


Congratulations to Jenny S. (comment # 100), the winner of this nature-themed prize pack!


PS: Don’t forget, Karen and Kim have special contests running all week. Check out their blog posts for more chances to win! Click here.

178 thoughts on “Another Giveaway? You Got It!

  1. I love so many flowers!! My favorite spring flowers are lavender lilacs…..and bluebells…..and lily of the valley.

    My favorite summer flower is my raspberry pink painted daisy.

  2. Jasmine, called pikake (pee-kah-kay) in Hawai’i, is recognized by its tiny white petalsand delicate fragrance, and is sewn into an extra special lei for Mother’s Day, graduations, birthdays, … They are blooming in my yard near Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i right now.

  3. too many favorite flowers. I’m working on a butterfly/hummingbird garden and have so many beautiful color flowers.

  4. In Spring the ocean of wild violets surrounding my home makes my soul sing!
    In Summer the glorious rainbow of gladiolus blooming across my porch gladens my heart!
    In Fall the bountiful bicolor sunflowers nodding their heads in my garden to the birds & bees brings me to my knees with a thankful heart…Namaste ~

  5. I LOVE peonies!….although, my favorite thing to say is, “poppies?….POPPIES……” with a slightly wicked tone….=0)

  6. My favorite flower is the pansy. they grow all year long, even in Vermont under the snow and they smell great. There are many crafts you can do withthe dried flowers.

  7. Hyacinth
    I love the beginning of the Spring when this flower reveals itself with beauty, signifying spring and growth, and oh the smell is fantastic.

  8. Who doesn’t love flowers? The roses, the forsythias, the lilies, orchids and lilacs all bring smiles to our faces. I really love a a small purplish blue flower grows in my lawn every spring. . It seems to be a wild groundcover. My mother won’t let my father mow that lawn as they start to appear. She says that they are her Texas Bluebonnets. It reminds her of my sister and brother who live in Texas with their families. This little flower holds a special place in my heart . A first sign of spring!

  9. I’m not sure about a favorite but I do love them all because flowers make me relaxed and happy <3 I love these books shown, beautiful .
    I've been in love with hydrangeas, roses and sunflower arrangements.

  10. This is hard to answer we have had fresh flower in the class the past month our favorite so far have been the crazy daisy.

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