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My face when I hear about ridiculous school news.

My face when I hear about ridiculous school news.

Sometimes you happen to be cruising around Facebook, or the Internet in general, and you find random states or individual school districts that are doing crazy things. Crazy things! Or things that are at the very least a little bit odd, in my opinion. So this weekend, I found one item in school-related news that made me quirk an eyebrow. And I shall present it here for you to exclaim and scoff over. Or you may disagree with me. I welcome all types of discourse.

There is currently a proposed budget in Ohio that would require teachers to complete an “internship” of sorts, shadowing a person in a local business in order to renew their teaching licenses.



I read the article, and I honestly don’t see how this helps a teacher become a better teacher, but maybe that’s my failing. In my opinion, teachers have way too much to do already and this just throws something else into the pot. I’m picturing a teacher following an attorney or chef around thinking, “You know, I really could be preparing the lessons I want to teach tomorrow.”


Your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “And Now in the News…

  1. Wow do we really pay these people the big bucks to think this sort of thing up Before they suggest ways for teachers to improve their skills how about they all have to teach for 6 mths

  2. What?! Internships to renew their licenses?! I don’t think so! I’m sorry, but that wouldn’t do anything to help teachers. I honestly cannot think of one positive thing that could come of this. If anyone can think of something positive, please share. I’d love to know.

  3. The teachers may find they like this new job better and leave teaching. perhaps they will learn something that could help in their life beyond teaching?

    I am glad it is not happening here!

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