An Emoji Investigation

this-oneI confess. I began my teaching career using hand-drawn smiley faces. When email prohibited me from including a smiley face in my communications, I keyed in my own :+). Since emojis rolled onto the scene, I can express a wide range of emotions in my messaging—yet what if I choose an emoji that I think signals joy but others think it signals an enthusiastic burp? Oh my!

Let’s have a bit of fun and pretend that I’m your grade-level or age-group colleague. You’ve sent me a message asking how my day went. I send back the emoji pictured. From a teacher’s perspective, what kind of day do you think I’ve had? Can you put words with this emoji?

Can’t wait to hear!



7 thoughts on “An Emoji Investigation

  1. Well, it has given me some room to reflect. Not a bad day but not so perfect either. I might need to approach things just a bit different in the future….

  2. Just attended another day long professional development training and realized I need to implement this in my classroom……

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