An Adorable Whiteboard Eraser? Yep! Win It!

An eraser.
With a bright orange mop-head face.
And it really works.
What could be better?



Students will line up to clean the board—and you might not even want to share!—with this adorable prize. Teacher’s Pet is made of a special microfiber blend. Your whiteboards will be white again, you won’t need smelly cleaners, and you can throw this eraser in the washer. Check it out here:


To enter the giveaway, let us know which classroom task you’d like to see magically disappear from your life. Submit a comment to this blog by 11:59 pm EDT on May 14, 2017. TWO lucky teachers will be randomly selected to win.

While we can’t make your most aggravating tasks disappear, we can save you precious minutes in your day with fun freebies like these.




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Enjoy those freebies and submit your comment for a chance to win. Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week!


PS: Don’t forget, Diane and Kim have special contests running all week. Check out their blog posts for more chances to win! Click here.

337 thoughts on “An Adorable Whiteboard Eraser? Yep! Win It!

  1. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! Especially paperwork involved with being evaluated! HATE IT! I LOVE the whiteboard eraser though! SO CUTE!!!

  2. For me it is a toss up between sharpening pencils and grading papers. I would be just fine if either of these tasks would disappear.

  3. Filling out the breakfast & lunch forms! You wouldn’t believe how much paperwork that involves on a daily basis. Who ate what at breakfast? Who will eat what at lunch – choice lunch or regular lunch? And do the number of items (each milk, each juice, & each food item) being returned from breakfast match the numbers we have written on the paperwork?

  4. That is an adorable eraser. I would like to see all the paperwork that isn’t directly related to students disappear.

  5. The task that I would LOVE to eliminate is all the forms and files that states think we need to teach better!

  6. Oh, there are SO many tasks that a teacher does each day … paperwork is always a big pain in the neck and it would be nice for that to disappear. However, I also think that meaningless meetings need to disappear. We would all be more efficient teachers if we had more TIME. If information can be shared via email, why hold a meeting? If you genuinely want input, then have a meeting and get input. But if you’re going to have the teachers do something without input, just send them the info in an email, don’t waste their time and give them a false sense of hope that their input is going to make a difference …. whew … it’s the end of the year, isn’t it? I love teaching – just not the paperwork and meaningless meetings!!!!

  7. Meetings that don’t person to my area. Being in sped i cant tell you how often i sit in meetings that have nothing to do with my clasroom ror effect the environment my kids are serviced in!

  8. Sharpening pencils!!! I feel this is a constant battle, and my first graders are not allowed to sharpen them since they like to see how small they can get the pencil.

  9. The task I’d like to magically disappear is cleaning and disinfecting everything every single night! =) I have the kids help me most days and they’re awesome, but it would be nice to just have every bookshelf magically straightened, every pencil magically picked up off the floor, and every stray mark magically wiped away!

  10. I would like to see “broken crayon or pencils on the floor land” disappear. It is amazing to me how many each day I gather.

  11. The meaningless task I would like to get rid of would be cleaning off whiteboards after centers because the kids didn’t do it. #JustDoIt

  12. It would be a dream come true to see state testing disappear! I ask Santa every year, but that hasn’t worked yet. I don’t like seeing my students become test scores. 🙁

  13. I would like to see my task of developing/implementing IEPs and Behavior contracts. Although they are necessary it is also an emotional process for both the teachers , students and parents involved.

  14. Writing out lesson plans in the format my district prefers, and then again in a way I can actually use!

  15. Ooo I’d live to erase paperwork for evaluations that take away from my lesson planning and prep!! 🙂

  16. I would like to see eating breakfast with Kindergarteners on carpeted classroom disappear. I would also love to see some of the paperwork disappear. Love the whiteboard eraser :).

  17. I would like cleaning the board to disappear, and it would with this fun eraser! Thank you, Mailbox, for offering this fun giveaway!

  18. I’d like to see all my grading disappear!! I would also LOVE that adorable eraser!! My classroom is monster themed and that eraser would fit in perfectly!

  19. Paperwork and scooting desks back into their original positions at the end of the day (my students scoot all over during the day).

  20. I would love to see the repetitive paperwork disappear from our classrooms. Filling out the same information 10 different ways is not going to help my students learn and grow.

  21. I’d love to wave a magic wand that would put supplies and papers back where they belong! Cute eraser!! And I wouldn’t even need to put it away! 😉

  22. If I could erase a task magically from my classroom it would definitely be answering the SAME question more than three times….more than 1+1+1 times….more than 3 times….more than 3 times!

  23. I am not a big fan of correcting writing! I will do almost anything to avoid correcting the writing even clean the guinea pig cage! This is why I always have a huge stack of writing to grade at report card time!

    • I think copier staples must cost more than the GDP of most small countries. There’s no other explanation for their shortage.

      Also, long-distance appreciation for your SNL reference. 🙂

  24. I would love to make the chairs magically stack themselves and the floor to clean it’s self at the end of the day! Firsties try hard but it would be nice to not have to do it at all!

  25. I’m going to sound like everyone else here. PAPERWORK!!! Especially when it’s so repetitive and I could be spending time with my kiddos.

  26. I would have to say the task that I would like to see disappear in my classroom is having to write out daily sheets for my preschoolers. Call me “old school” but by the age of 3 almost 4 years old and older, you should be able to have a conversation with your child and their day at school. This would also save on paper and toner costs as well as allow me more time to plan other fun activities for learning early concepts.

  27. I wish the daily reflections requiring three photos and a paragraph about each along with the standards would disappear.

    • Holy moly! That is just…well, this is polite company, so I’ll refrain from saying what I think it is.

  28. I’d love to see all the unnecessary assessing disappear! We do WAY too much of it, just for the division, that doesn’t necessarily even match our curriculums. Ugh!!

  29. I love the eraser! It would make me happy every time I see it! I would love to see papers magically grade themselves and then disappear! Then, input the grades into the grade book!

  30. Love this eraser! I would love to see the sharpening of pencils what seems like 100 times a day disappear!!!

  31. I would love to see mindless paperwork disappear! I love the eraser and so would my students!

  32. I would love to lose random required assessments. We know where our kids are based on daily work and lessons. I don’t need a standardized test to tell me my kids aren’t at grade level. I need reinforcement with data that shows my students with emotional challenges are staying in class, doing work, and being safe!

  33. The task I would like to disappear is having to constantly replace pencils because they are always disappearing or losing their erasers.

  34. I would love to eliminate paperwork also… Especially things that get filled out repeatedly. I would also remove recess/lunch duty.

  35. I would love my paper work to disappear! i’m an Early Childhood Special Education teacher and i am drowning in paperwork!

  36. I’d like to see piles of papers that need to be filed disappear. There’s never enough time to do everything you need!

  37. The task I would like to see disappear is trying to wipe down leftover marks on the whiteboard!!! I hate the smell of the Expo cleaner!

  38. I would love to see lunch duty disappear!! I don’t want to hover over students as they eat. Watching students put ketchup on pizza is not an enjoyable part of my day! I’d also like to see the annoying task of picking up random pencils off the floor. If it’s on the floor it’s out the door!

  39. If we could erase testing and meaningless paperwork – oh my goodness, just think of all the amazing things we could do!

  40. I am not in the classroom, but in my library, I would love for books to magically reshelf themselves!

  41. Oh my gosh my Kindergarteners would go nuts over this! I’m going nuts over how cute it is! I would definitely have meetings take care of themselves. Way too many meetings!

  42. I’d love to see filing disappear from my day! Typically, I skip it, and then eventually the pile becomes too big to ignore any longer!

  43. With a wave of my trusty Teacher’s Pet all the food wasted in the lunchroom would be instantly transformed in to meals to go home daily with the students that need food in their homes at night also.

  44. I would like to no have to post anything up in my room that my kids can’t read..I teach kindergarten and the jargon that has to be up is just cray cray..everything should either be to label something, or teach something…standards, objectives…need to be kid friendly…age appropriate….love this cutie pie eraser!

  45. I would absolutely love to make lunch duty and bus duty magically disappear!! Just having a few extra minutes to my lunch time and after school would be fabulous!!

  46. Once the whiteboard is cleaned the black marker gunk/residue falls into the track line for the roll to the side whiteboards, it is the residue that I hate to clean up. Our janitor never cleans it. A vacuum with a nozzle or a damp cloth works.

  47. Filing papers so that I can actually find them the next year! Gradually switching to digital in hopes of avoiding this task!

  48. I wish I could eliminate grading papers! I joke that I need two of me- one to actually do the teaching and one to do all the other “stuff”.

  49. I’d love to win the white board eraser! A task I’d love to have disappear is checking papers! I also wouldn’t be upset if there were a few less required assessments.

  50. LOVE the eraser! It would go over well in my kindergarten classroom! 🙂 I would LOVE to have sharpening pencils disappear. I get so far behind in it because I dislike it that much!!

  51. i could definitely do without the paperwork that just doesn’t need to be and the meetings that could be a quick email.

  52. Packing up my classroom at the end of every year so that the room can be cleaned and the floors polished each summer is a major job that I would love to make disappear!

  53. I would love to see the desks straighten themselves and all the stray pencils on the floor magically jump inside of them at the end of each day! 🙂

  54. I’d love to see recording data for the District to magically disappear! So time consuming and so NOT important for student growth.

  55. The disappearing pencils and eraser trick…i just want to have them magically appear as needed! Lol

  56. I would like to see the elimination of state assessments and testing. The task of preparing the students to take these is time and labor intensive. Love the whiteboard eraser and my class will too!

  57. I’d like to avoid the “fluff” meetings. I’d rather use that time for planning! Also, the ridiculous amount of redundant paperwork.

  58. I would love to not have to copy anything! The copy machine is always out of staples or paper, it is jamming, it is broken, or there is a LONG line to use it! Getting rid of this job would be GREAT!

  59. I wouldn’t mind paperwork if I thought someone was looking at it. I would like paperwork that is nothing but a waste of time, waiting to be filed away on an administrator ‘s google drive, to disappear.

  60. The task that needs to disappear is car duty!! I live in Florida and am getting sunburned between it and recess!

  61. Sharpening pencils and keeping student desks in order. My room must tilt one direction. Student desks never stay how I want them.

  62. What a cute way to clean the board – would really love it!. A task that I would love to erase would have to be paperwork, and testing.

  63. The task I would love to see go away is standardized state testing and all the preparation testing practices that go along with it. We would actually gain a month of school time to dedicate to real learning!!!!

  64. I would love to have reliable technology! Almost daily, there are computer “glitches” which give me fits. Thank goodness for my 3rd graders’ tech support. They have no fear!

  65. I would love to see homework disappear. If parents worked with their students at home I would not have to make a homework packet to be graded later.

  66. I would love for all tier 2 & tier 3 progress monitoring paperwork to disappear. I love my students and I am constantly monitoring their progress, but the paperwork can be a chore. I LOVE the Teacher’s Pet eraser! I wish it could erase all my paperwork!

  67. I LOVE the eraser!
    Please make my paperwork disappear, and all the data we have to have that no one looks at anyway!

  68. Oh my goodness, who wouldn’t love to see our paperwork disappear? For me that paperwork has already masked itself as emails and digital documents, It seems there is no getting away from it. That being said, if that cutie pie teacher’s pet eraser could erase away my lunch time supervision at least there’d be a little extra time for tackle that stuff!

  69. I would love for my piles of stuff to magically put themselves away. I only have a moment in between my groups and most of that time is spent escorting students back to their classroom and picking up the next student. Most of my time after school is spent cleaning up the mess that happens in between each group.

  70. I would love not have to clean glue off the table tops. Yes my students help, but they usually don’t get it all. I usually have to guide my first grade students.

  71. I would love for the need for student portfolios to go away! Parents only rarely look at them as it’s mostly a state thing, and it takes up a ton of coveted prep time to update them when I could be planing art or class decoration ideas. 🙂

  72. Paperwork involved with being evaluated and sharpening student pencils!
    I LOVE the whiteboard eraser so cute!

  73. I would love to see desks wipe themselves every afternoon, and the chairs magically go up! In the meantime, my students laugh at me for wiping my board with the “same sponge they use to wash their parents cars!”

  74. My students laugh at me for wiping my board with the “same sponge they use to wash their parents cars!” The task that should magically disappear is cleaning the desks with Clorox wipes and picking up the floor! I know i should get the kids to do it …

  75. Writing !!!!!, although it is needed, I think collaboration and sharing our ideas and thoughts is very beneficial, and it’s easier for children with disabilities!!! P.S. I love this prize, OMG!!!!

  76. I would love the task of sharpening pencils be magically done for me! Especially when there is no electric sharpener!

  77. I would love for the wiping down of the desks to disappear. It really is amazing how filthy the desk get by end of the day.

  78. My kinder babies would love this eraser and we’d have more time to utilize it if all unnecessary testing would disappear (other than to check what I am teaching-not those imposed by outside agencies.)

  79. I’m torn: either the grading OR the sharpening of pencils. I don’t allow the students to use my electric sharpener because it always, magically, stops working… *sigh*

  80. Sped paperwork that isn’t shared with others during testing and you have to fill it out several times for each person evaluating

  81. I love teaching and seeing the growth of students, however, I would love to have grading magically disappear…or be magically completed!

  82. As a teacher we have to deal with a lot of paperwork. I would love to see them disappear. This adorable whiteboard eraser adds some color to the monotonous task. It is a nice distraction.

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