All Abuzz About Teacher Freebies

Blame it on spring, but for some reason the word that has been buzzing around in my head today is, well, buzz—buzzwords, creating buzz, all abuzz. So with that in mind, here’s a quick list of some of the fun freebies we’re buzzing about here at Learning magazine this week.

What are you buzzing about? Submit a comment to our blog by midnight on Monday, May 17, 2010. One lucky reader will win a copy of the new book Outdoor Science: A Practical Guide from the NSTA Press. And if your post includes the word “buzz” or “bee,” I’ll throw in the new children’s book The Buzz on Bees: Why Are They Disappearing? from Holiday House. Post your comment today!


Looking for ways to keep your students reading this summer? Try the Reading Warriors Summer Reading Challenge, a free summer reading program from HarperCollins. Based on the warrior cats in Erin Hunter’s bestselling Warriors adventure series, this program for students ages 8 and up includes downloadable reading journals, a booklist, an educator’s guide, games, and more. Click here now!


Teachers truly are all abuzz about this great offer: get three free pairs of kids’ scissors from Westcott! Try them; then add them to your school supply list. You could win Westcott supplies for your entire grade level! Click here now to request your free scissors and to access free activities and a ready-to-use school supply list. This offer is for K-6 teachers. Don’t miss out!


Are you a member of the Elmer’s Glue Crew Recycling Program®? Then here’s great news: you now have two ways to return your empty glue containers! Either drop them off at Walmart or participate in the Elmer’s Glue Crew Brigade™ Program with TerraCycle. Click here now to learn more!


Is Response to Intervention, or RTI, a buzzword at your school? If so, find out exactly what RTI is by visiting Mentoring Minds. Click here now to get the scoop and to find out about RTI resources. While you’re at the site, find out how to follow Mentoring Minds on Facebook and have a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card.


And finally, if you really want to get the buzz on bees, sign up your class to participate in PollinatorLIVE. This free program includes webcasts, web seminars, and satellite field trips. The first event is on Wednesday, May 12. The program is designed for grades 4-8.

I think that’s plenty to keep you buzzing for now. Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “All Abuzz About Teacher Freebies

  1. What says, “Zzub, zzub”? You got it–a bee flying backwards!

    We’re wrapping up our Insect unit and starting on Beaches and water safety as we start counting down to Summer Break. Thanks for providing a hunnypot full of free resources to buzz about 🙂

  2. Bees buzz,birds chirp,and squirrels chatter..We are very excited about wildlife in general!After living in a white world for six long months,we are so anxious for
    spring/summer weather to stay for awhile.Thanks for
    giving us the chance to participate in the latest
    buzz-i-ness on your website.If we win,we’ll bee
    buzzing with pride and joy!

  3. My class is buzzing like bees as we learn about insects. We just made bees using left over laminating film as wings. Those bees were buzzing all over the classroom when they were finished.
    Thanks for all the resources

  4. The children in my family child care are buzzing around like bees. to see the different bees and bug we have in the yard.

  5. My kids love to learn about insects. They laugh because I’m afraid of spiders. However, anytime we get a chance to learn about anything with our environment – it’s a blast. Thank you for giving me access to such great resources!

  6. I have passed all the info on this site to fellow teachers. I teach in a private school (Pre-K to 8th)and we all share the ideas and projects that we find on here. I am in a buzz over how exciting next year will bee when I use all the resources that I have copied from the Mailbox website.
    Thank You for all the great help!
    LaShaina Lee-Flax

  7. I got my free westcox scissors and my students love the cushioned handles. I like them because there is less chance of spreding germs while using them!!

  8. I love all the Mailbox books. I am still waiting for my scissors. I teach VPK and am always looking for new ideas on anything.

  9. Thank you for the ideas on the books for bees and bears at a campsite. I plan to use these ideas for the new school year. I would like a free pair of westcox scissors. Thank you.

  10. I am so excited to see that my latest book, “Outdoor Science: A Practical Guide” was a prize on this website. The first year I was a teacher, a veteran in the classroom next door gave me a few copies of The Mailbox, and that helped me not only survive, but thrive. If I can ever help teachers get kids outdoors, contact me through the NSTA website.

  11. Thanks, Steve! Your book certainly has a lot to offer teachers! Thanks to the NSTA for sending us a copy that we could give away to our blog readers.

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