A Very Merry First Friday Giveaway


Jolly old St. Nicholas, it is time to say,
That our blog will once again, have a giveaway!

This month’s prize is lots of fun—books for kids to share,
Markers you can surely use and a fluffy bear.

To enter for a chance to win, simply see below.
Answer one quick question please, right before you go.

As for me, St. Nicholas, giving is my thing.
If you leave a gift for me, choose a diamond ring. (ho, ho, ho!)

What would you like Santa to bring you?

To be entered in this month’s giveaway, leave your answer right here on the blog before the end of the day, Monday, December 16, 2019. 


PS: Karen is playing St. Nick on her blog and giving away a super-cool Harry Potter holiday book. Enter here for your chance to win!



68 thoughts on “A Very Merry First Friday Giveaway

  1. What would I like Santa to bring me? I work with children in the state-funded pre-k program which serves children from low-income families. If Santa could bring me something, I would like 350 bookbags filled with the simple school supplies the children will need to start kindergarten. For many of the families, this one expense is nearly beyond their means.

    Now, if I could have something personal…well, a pedicure sounds really good right now.

  2. I would like Santa to bring me a “Kid speak” translator. So I’d finally be able to find my students the perfect book when they come into the library and ask, “I want the red book.”

    And a day off for no reason would be nice too. ; )

  3. I think I would just like the tools (or the funds) to help my students achieve all their goals and have the most optimal learning experience possible.

  4. My wish is for Santa to bring us a foot of snow some Thursday in early 2020–preferably all at once–during the daytime, please. I want the fluffy picturesque kind that weighs heavy on the trees, but causes no power outages. A nature-imposed long weekend. I want the snow that creates a restful hush and gives us the time and excuse to savor soup, snow cream, and cocoa. (…and maybe even enter some data! …on second thought–scrap that last idea)

  5. I would be most appreciative of more time to spend with students to develop the connections with them that they are not receiving in other places. Some kids just want to talk to someone!

  6. I would like Santa to bring hats, mittens, and boots for my preschoolers and for my coworkers and me; I would like the gift of time with our families!

  7. It would be awesome if Santa could bring me permission to teach my kindergarten cuties in a more developmentally appropriate way instead of having to cram curriculum they are not ready for down their throats …. but since that isn’t possible, FLAIR pens are my love language!

  8. I would like Santa to bring me a voice amplification system for my classroom. I do not like to raise my voice and with that I would never have to!

  9. I would love new flannel sheets for myself and new tables for my classroom. (the kind that allow for height adjustment and wheels and folding away for clearing the space!!!)

  10. For Me? I would love a new wardrobe! (New clothes, new shoes, new handbags, the works!)
    For my kindergarten class? -Some cash to spend on the endless consumables I am always buying that help keep the learning fun and engaging!

  11. I wish Santa would bring me a new Fitbit to log all those steps I make in a day. For my classroom, I’d like new technology equipment.

  12. I would like Santa to bring me a duplicate of myself. This would help to ensure I (and myself) am able to truly meet each child’s needs everyday.

  13. I would love to have wobble chairs for all my children. Personally a massage, manicure and pedicure along with the new Danielle Steele novel would be awesome!

  14. Santa could bring me a wireless doorbell for my classroom. Or books! Always more books! (for me personally and my classroom!)

  15. I would like for Santa to bring me a magic self-confidence stick so that my students could touch the self confidence stick and gain enough self-confidence to last their whole lives.

  16. A personal chef for me and my family, new classroom furniture, coats and healthy breakfast for my students, and comfortable shoes that are still cool.

  17. I would love Santa to bring a load of books, puzzles and games so I, in turn, could play Santa while delivering to all the amazing teachers I get to coach each day.

  18. What would o like Santa to bring me? I was recently in a car accident that took my out of my classroom for the past 4 weeks. I’ve missed my students terribly. I wish for Santa to help me heal quickly so I can be with my students even for one day before the Winter Break. I appreciate my health so much more now. Merry Christmas!

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