A Super Summer Theme

My idea of camping is a rustic cabin. I’ve stayed in the cabin you see in the photo to the left. It does have electricity…but no running water. (Yes, it has the dreaded outhouse.) Before you get all impressed, a quick five minute walk through the woods brings you to the main Bed and Breakfast, which has a lovely bathroom. 🙂 I do not have a great love for traditional camping. That’s why it’s so amusing to me that I think camping as a classroom theme is so cool! There are so many fun sources out there to make this theme super special in your classroom. Here are my favorites!


Check out this list of excellent camping-themed picture books. (My personal favorite? A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee.)



Use these adorable firefly and tent patterns for a counting game: How many fireflies are buzzing around the tent?


This neat handprint craft is simple and fun!



2 thoughts on “A Super Summer Theme

  1. A Camping Spree with Mr Mcgee is one of my favorites too. I love to set up a tent on our Day Cares playground and pretend that we’re camping out. My Director would make Hot Dogs and beans we’d pretend we grilled them on our campfire. My fake electric one from my scouting training days. and of course you can’t forget to tell campfire stories and sing campfire songs.

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