A Super Spring Resource!

Spring is here! And that means the world is changing right before your students’ eyes (or at least it is if you live in one of those locations that has a distinctive springtime). Flowers are blooming, it’s raining buckets, and the birds are singing here in North Carolina. It’s the perfect time to have a spring nature table in your classroom. But what should you include at this table? I’ve done the homework for you to create super list of spring nature table items. You might consider including…

  • flowers
  • potted flowering plants
  • seeds
  • containers of sprouting seeds
  • stems and leaves
  • water cycle booklets 
  • container with water + sponge trimmed into a cloud shape + eye droppers (water cycle exploration)
  • plastic pond animal toys
  • frog life cycle cards 
  • baby animal photos or plastic toys
  • fake bird’s nest (or a real nest in a sealed plastic bag)
  • nature bottles (go here for a rainbow rainfall idea)
  • rainbow color paddles
  • container of mud
  • butterfly life cycle cards
  • magnifying glasses, tweezers, and other tools for exploration

What else would you include in a spring nature table?

3 thoughts on “A Super Spring Resource!

  1. Pictures of local birds. Many birds in Michigan go south for the winter. So including pictures show them what to keep an eye out for

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