A Singing Superintendent?

I’m guessing here, but I suspect there are plenty of good vibes in Nicholas County Schools in West Virginia thanks to Keith Butcher, the current superintendent. Come to find out that Butcher, a former teacher and principal, is also an avid musician. I suspect he has a great sense of humor too. On Tuesday, January 19, he canceled school by singing a parody of Adele’s latest hit “Hello.” (Listen here.) On Friday of the same week, he sang a parody of The Eagle’s hit song “Take It Easy” to announce school closures. (This one is awesome…listen here.)

I love this guy! He certainly has a passion for making his school district a happy place. And I have to believe that the educators under his guidance—as do the students and their families—benefit from his positive vibes. It’s a great reminder of how our own actions affect those around us.

I sure hope you’re smiling! I know I am.

Tra la la,



PS: What’s a favorite talent or characteristic of your school administrator or superintendent? Please share!


2 thoughts on “A Singing Superintendent?

  1. My principal is a wonderful, patient man.
    We also have an administrator who sings Broadway tunes and often stops by classrooms to sing to the students. 🙂

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