A “PURR-fect” First Friday Giveaway!

Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies during the summer? It’s July already! The great news is it’s already time for another giveaway! This month’s prize includes a Pete the Cat teacher tote and a Pete the Cat cloth puppet—both of which are adorable. And of course we can’t give away an empty tote, so we promise to stuff the tote with a fun assortment of books and school supplies. All that adds up to a “purr-fect” giveaway, don’t you agree?

To enter for a chance to win, simply leave your answer to the following question right here on the blog no later than Sunday, July 15, 2018. Because Pete the Cat likes to rock some mighty fab shoes, let’s talk shoes!

What’s your go-to teacher shoe?


Curious as always!



652 thoughts on “A “PURR-fect” First Friday Giveaway!

  1. My go-to teacher shoe are a pair of “clogs” that have a pair of bumblebees on them. They are supercomfy and I wear them because my classroom theme has always been
    The Busy Bees! Although, I love to show up in my heels and they are my favorite, I switch into my clogs so that I don’t step on my little kiddos. My preschoolers tend to put their little hands where they really shouldn’t so better safe than sorry. I don’t mind changing into my shoes either because it kind of makes me feel like the Latina female version of Mr. Rogers.

  2. Colourful, comfortable shoes like converse, adidas or bright running shoes are my go to. . As a kindergarten educator we do a lot of running from place to place. Comfortable shoes are a must. Fun shoes are a bonus!

  3. My favorite go to teacher shoes are anything that is flat, stretching, and comfortable. As a First grade teacher I need to move constantly in my classroom and throughout the building. If I wear any heels at all it doesn’t take long until I need to change into my comfortable flats. I have a pair of Skechers- Go Walk and a pair of Ryka shoes that I always rely on.

  4. My Gonto teacher shoes are scketcher BOBS! Comfortable yet dressy enough for the classroom. They don’t scuff while I am on my hands and knees in the busy preschool classroom!

  5. Sketchers always sketchers. I am on my feet moving and grooving just like Pete the Cat to wear anything else. Love Pete.

  6. My go to teacher shoe is a pair of Waldlaufers that are adjustable front, back and sides, so as my tired teacher feet begin to swell, my shoes are always comfortable!

  7. All winter long it’s Halflinger wool clogs to keep my toes warm and spring and summer are Keen’s. Oh and throw in a pair or four of Danskos with anything purple.

  8. I love the Puma Vega Ballet Flat. It has a memory foam insole and flexes with your feet. It has the look of a traditional flat, but the comfort of a sneaker. I also the all the colors they come in, but usually I just stick with black! They are comparable to the Sketchers performance shoe, but seem to accommodate my lovely bunions better! (too much information, I know 🙂 )

  9. I have 3 pairs of Birkenstocks and 5 pairs of Danskos that I rotate!
    I used to wear heels, but those days are gone!

  10. I admit that I LOVE my wedges – especially TOMS wedges – so comfy! But, I also have a pair of flats that I keep handy for days that require lots of extra movement.

  11. Comfort is the first must for my teacher shoes!
    I usually wear slip ons with a very slight hill.
    Boots when it’s cold, sandals when it’s warm and flats when it’s in between.
    Since the day can start cold and then warm up, I usually have a pair of shoes at school to change into.

  12. Slippers! In the colder months we encourage our kids to get comfy. Off come the shoes and crazy super soft slippers come on! Love shopping for crazy slippers! Last years was little boo peeps sheeps….. on the hunt for this years school season!

  13. Anything that’s comfy! In warm weather, sandals. In cold, usually sneakers. I teach preschool! Gotta be able to move!

  14. I am definitely a shoe girl – I wear as many different pairs as possible, but I guess the one that I wear the most are my memory foam Skechers. I had to retire my last pair after they were well worn over the weekend, but picked up a new pair that I started breaking in today 🙂

  15. I’ve tried so many but I always come back to Skechers Go Walk. They are the only ones that keep my feet comfy!

  16. My favorite shoes are Go Walk Skechers-I have 4 pairs year round. I like to keep black, grey, navy, and sand.

  17. I like flats. I buy them in every color possible to at least keep my fashion sense in tact. I also
    Like them because to me it’s the closet thing to being barefoot which is the best comfort for my feet.

  18. Since I have a fairly recent diagnosis of diabetes, my feet are an even bigger issue than ever! I’ve had good luck with Skechers or New Balance, but at the end of the day, whatever they are, they’re OFF!

  19. My “go-to” teacher shoe is my Vans, I like to match them to colors I am wearing and they are so comfy for all I have to do during my busy day with my preschool class.

  20. My go-to everyday school shoes are Danskos. I have several fun prints that are totally preschool appropriate.

    • What I mean about “preschool appropriate” is that Dansko have so many fun colors, material, and designs. My favorite pair colorful look like pen marker designs. The other great thing about them is if you get paint, glue, or other spills, you can just wipe them off!

  21. Anything Clark’s brand!! I wear their sandals when it is warm, and their loafers, slides, boots, etc all the other times.

  22. My go to teacher shoe is anything from flat boots, to sneakers to flip flops. I work in a preschool, so anything goes as we are on the floor alot. It depends on my mood and what is on the agenda for that day!

  23. My go to shoes are anything comfy. During the colder months, a pair of good tennis shoes or boots. In the warmer months, sandals. As much as I’m on my feet, cushiony is a must, so I always look for good quality, no matter what I wear.

  24. My favorite teacher shoes are Toms. I love wearing the red ones for Christmas parties and Valentine’s Day!

  25. Skechers, as well as any other shoes with a sole that is cushioned but not flimsy! As a K teacher, I am up and down all day, and I need a shoe that is comfortable and easy to move around in without it falling off!

  26. Rocking in my new white school shoes! Working at a preschool they get covered in all sorts of things. Just like Pete’s! But do I cry? Goodness No! Would be honored to win, my preschools are in love with Pete right now!

  27. My go-to teacher shoes are Tieks! I live in ballet flats and I would wear through my pairs in less than a year. Tieks last such a long time and are extremely comfortable and professional.

  28. Dansko or Clarks or any comfortable shoe with arch support. However, this past year I had plantar fasciitis so bad that my PT had me wear tennis shoes every day, so my go to tennis shoes are Asics.

  29. Ballet flats and sometimes boots depending on the weather. I stopped wearing heels awhile ago with all the walking around the classroom to help the kids!

  30. Ballet flats. I have them in all colors. My students love to see what shoes I have on for the day! Thanks for a chance to win!

  31. I love my Jambu shoes! Many styles and are comfortable all day even if you where the same shoe all year!

  32. Wish I could wear my Reef flip-flops with arch support but they’re not considered professional enough! I usually wear Aetrex sandals when it is warm & Toms day r Clogs when it’s cold.

  33. I always wear tennis shoes. I usually rotate three or four pair, depending on what I am wearing. That way, I can play with my students at recess, and still be on my feet all day.

  34. My go to work shoes are Merrell Mix Master Move Glide Trail-Running Shoes. I have them in 10 different color combinations so far ????. They go with everything and help me stay one step ahead of my kiddos!

  35. My go to teacher shoes are Toms! I have regular Toms as well as sandals and wedges. They are all so comfortable on my feet! I wear them every day. 🙂

  36. Merrill tennis shoes are my go to but if my feet could stand it every day, I would wear Minnetonka moccasins.

  37. My favorite shoes to wear teaching are Birkenstocks! I teach kindergarten; therefore, I am on my feet moving and grooving all day!

  38. My favorite teacher shoes are my piggy print slip on sneakers. My school has an animal theme for each classroom in my grade and we were the Piggies! It was a match made in heaven lol

  39. I have a bone spur on my right heel and shock wave therapy hasn’t done much so I’ve got doctor orders to wear crocks. They are ugly as all get out but so COMFY!!!!!

  40. Anything flat. I love my sketchers with memory foam as well. I have an assortment of colors to go with anything.

  41. My go to teacher shoe is my black slip on Sketchers. I’m a first grade teacher and I’m always on the go. I need to wear a comfortable shoe.

  42. Alegria shoes come in great colors , texture and pattern. They are very comfortable and accommodate wide feet. I especially love the ones that resemble splattered paint. I teach art and my students love Pete the Cat! I have been known to wear flip flops in the warm months!

  43. I like my earthbound sandals with beads and charms. I work with 9ne ajr two year olds and they love to touch and play with the beads.

  44. My go-to shoes are sneakers. They give me support all day and I need that for prek! Plus I have to teach my own gym class twice a week, so that comes in handy to wear sneakers. Besides, we tell our students sneakers are best to wear to school, no flip flops or crocs, so if I tell my kids no flip flops or crocs, then I won’t wear flip flops or crocs. It’s only fair.

  45. I really like Clarks and Skechers. But a good pair of sneakers like New Balance are great also. Happy shoe shopping!

  46. I love my Sperry’s!!! They are so comfortable and I love the patterns and colors. I’ve even gotten my Teaching Assistant hooked on them too!

  47. I love Croc sandals in the warm weather and since warm weather is my favorite, I guess they are my favorite shoes!

  48. My go to teacher shoes are the comfort plus ballet flats at Payless! they are super affordable and I have them in about 10 different colors! They are the only flats I can wear comfortably due to hip issues and they curve to support my feet perfectly!

  49. I love my New Balance tennis shoes. They have great support for all those hours on your feet and can double as “running shoes” if you are challenged to race with a 3 year old!

  50. My fave teacher shoe is a pair of crocs or Clark’s. So comfy and looks great too. And my kids love Pete the cat and when anyone wears there converse sneakers, they are wearing their “Pete the cat shoes.”

  51. My hand painted tennis, with school materials on them, that I drew for myself the first year I taught headstart and needed a pair of shoes that were comfortable, versatile and washable.

  52. I’m always looking for a good go to shoe….I have found some very comfortable croc sandals….they have the croc bottom with elastic straps on the to of the foot…cute and very comfortable. I also love any shoe with memory foam….but I will be checking out some of the brands I see teachers commenting about on here. Thanks for sharing everyone! Oh….and I ????Pete the Cat books….I have a real live Pete the Cat at my house….he’s my sweety Pete and I actually read him Pete the Cat books….I know weird but my students love when I share photos of me reading to him!

  53. Sneakers! I have some foot problems and haven’t found narrow shoes that also address the issues.

  54. My TOMS wedges! They give me a little height (I’m only 5 feet tall) but are super comfy and supportive.

  55. I am required to wear tennis shoes where I teach. I prefer Sketchers but might be looking at other options this year.

  56. Definitely my Sketchers boat shoes, or a simple, comfy black flat. Comfort first…we put a lot of miles on our shoes!

  57. We don’t wear shoes in the classroom (socks only), but do go outside and need to slip shoes on quickly, so I wear Propet TravelActiv Slip-On. I wear WW shoes, so Propet shoes and sandals are my favorites. Very comfortable and long-lasting. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  58. Comfy flats with good tread. Can’t go sliding down the hallways if you get a runner. Tennis shoes on casual days.

  59. Anything comfortable to walk and run in all day! Typically converse or some comfy ballet flats. Sandals when it’s really warm outside.

  60. My go-to teacher shoes are my comfy tennis shoes. I teach preschool so I have to always be on the move and comfort is my top priority.

  61. Dansko or Brooks depending on if I have recess duty or not. Much easier to navigate the playground with tennis shoes! Teachers need good support to walk on the concrete floors all day.

  62. My go-to shoes are a pair of sporty Mary-Jane’s from LL Bean! Comfy, supportive but not quite tennis shoes. As a “veteran” first grade teacher on the go, I need all the comfort I can get!

  63. I own a bunch of Van’s. My sparkly black or my Mickey Mouse are mine and my kiddos favorite! Comfy and perfect for first grade!

  64. My favorite school shoe are my Crocs! I have several pair in different colors. I teach Kindergarten and I am on my feet all day. When I wear my Crocs my feet are not hurting when I go home!

  65. Dansko clogs are my go to most of the year…I give them a break in the warmer months and wear my BOB’S espadrilles!!!

  66. My go to teacher shoes are my Frye boots! They’re stylish and super comfy! They match with everything!

  67. My favorite go-to shoes are definitely my Sorels. I have different pairs that I wear and they are so comfortable!

  68. I wear comfortable shoes, mostly flats with inserts. I love wearing skechers on days I can pass them off. Teachers are on their feet constantly especially in lower grades. I teach Pre- k and dont even sit at my desk except to mark.attendance on my.laptaop each morning. My class loves Pete the Cat and I love Mailbox. I still have every issue and use them constantly.

  69. I love wearing Crocs! They are so comfortable and I can kick them off easily if I need to! I teachpreschool children with disabilities and need to be able to take off running from time to dinner! My students really love Pete the Cat and Pete has been our classroom theme for the last two years.

  70. My go tos are typically Keens. I love that they’re comfy and casual looking…wear with dress pants, khakis or jeans !

  71. Business casual Crocs! They look professional, come in many cute colors & styles, and allow me to walk, play, teach, etc in my classroom all day, everyday!

  72. I teach Kindergarten and have been wearing crocs for years! They make so many different styles and are so comfortable!

  73. My go to teacher shoes are anything comfortable, glittery and fun,like ballerina flats, adidas, converse and my running shoes. I’m a preschool teacher and spend the day moving around and running. Fun and bright shoes are always a plus!

  74. I love to my black Clark slip on shoes! They are very comfortable even when standing all day.

  75. My favorite shoes are my Van sneakers! You never know what will be coming your way. Go Noodle, outside play, dancing, messy art activities are always happening in my preschool classroom! Comfortable feet =happy teacher 🙂

  76. In the summer, crocs sandals. Yes crocs! The are comfortable and come in many styles. The rest of the year anything by sketchers.

  77. My new shoes are Nike Air 270, they really help my heels and they make all day standing on hard floors easier!!! I have spent most of June turning my K4 room into a Pete the Cat room. When I decided it was time for a redo I knew I needed to pick something I loved so it was Pete The Cat!!! Everything is lovely and I am going to be starting out a new year in a bright and cheery new room—dedicated to the one I love—Pete!!! ????????

  78. My go-to teaching shoe are my “chucks” of course! I have them in various colors to match the different outfits I have! I love “rockin” in my converse sneakers!

  79. Ascis tennis shoes, clarks sandals, yellow box flip flops and am still on the search for the best flat. I do know that Tieks are not the most comforable flat to me.

  80. In the fall/winter its Dansko! I have built an awesome collection of crazy prints. Spring/summer is Converse , running shoes and Birkenstock.These old feet need a lot of love! ????

  81. I’m rockin in my teacher shoes. I’m rockin in my teacher shoes. What know what I’ll step in through my day in pre-k, so my go to shoes are my most comfortable pair of nike’s!

  82. A black loafer that I buy at Payless. They are so comfortable! They are cheap, so the don’t last as long as I would like, but they are the most comfortable shoe I have ever found that looks good with dress pants!

  83. My favorite shoes are Dansko. They feel so good on my feet. They come in all styles and I even have them with little handprints in different colors! The kids love those! ❤️

  84. My go to teacher shoes are my flats. Kind of flats. They go with everything and I’m comfortable in them. Working with my kinder kids is also easier in flats. But ever since I hurt my foot I have to wear my Brooks tennis. They help with my foot but they aren’t very stylish. Lol

  85. If I was going to step into anything it would be with my new balance running shoes ! I love my new balance shoes !

  86. My favorite go-to teacher shoes are the ballet wedges from Faded Glory at Walmart. They are amazingly comfortable and affordable at around $15. The memory foam insoles are perfect for long periods of standing or walking and since they slip on, they’re convenient and a real time-saver.

  87. I love to wear either flats or my Toms. They are so comfy and my feet don’t hurt at the end of the day!

  88. My go to teacher shoes are Crocks!! We don’t have any carpet in our building and my Crock sandals keep my feet and back from hurting. 😉

  89. Aersoles are the shoe for me. So comfortable, stylish and affordable! And of course, sneakers for extra casual wear!

  90. Sneakers because we are in the basement in my school and it is cement floors. Kindergarten loves Pete the Cat!

  91. Since teacher budget means cheap shoes, I go for flats from Payless. The trick is to buy one size too big, or a width size up. It’ll be awkward for a minute until you get used to it, but your feet will thank you when you can slip them off under your table or when they swell and you still have room! Plus, you can cheaply add memory foam inserts! Smarter (and cheaper!), not harder! 😉

  92. I wear Bobs or Toms almost every day. The memory foam makes them very comfortable for all day standing.

  93. I most often find myself wearing some black clog-like shoes by b.o.c. So comfy! Or some Skechers sneakers or flats. But we wear slippers on our classroom and my fave ones are from LLBean.

  94. My go to shoes are Toms. They can be casual and dressy at the same time, but are super comfy. I try and get cute ones which are a great conversation starter with the students.

  95. I wear stretchy ballet flats in the spring and boots in the winter! I love when the cooler weather comes and I can break out my boots!

  96. My go to teacher shoes are Vionic Orthoheels! They offer great support and make many cute styles. I wear them all year long!

  97. My go to footwear is anything that is sparkly! I have silver sequin sneakers. I have gold Sperry sneakers and I have black sequin sneakers! My preschoolers, boys and girls love seeing what sparkly shoes I’m wearing for the day!

  98. I have a couple pairs of Sketchers Slides that I love. A few days ago, I purchased a pair of Union Bays and they are sooo comfortable. I believe they will be my new “go to” teacher shoe!

  99. My go-to teacher shoe are my TOMS shoes. I have them in a bunch of different colors to go with every outfit. I wear them all year round. I love how comfortable they are as well as giving kids shoes that need them with every pair I buy!

  100. My go to shoes were always flats. Now after 30 years of being on my feet it has to be shoes that my custom orthotics fit into. Toms and are great for the warmer months and riding boots or loafers for cooler months.

  101. My go to teacher shoes are flats with a cousiony insole. Anything that gives some extra support is the best.

  102. I wear any shoes. I teach at a Hutterite Colony and everyone, teachers & students alike wear the slippers that the mothers & grandmothers make. I get a number of pairs every Christmas and throughout the year.

  103. I teach K & 1 at a Hutterite Colony. I wear slippers given to me that are made by the mothers and grandmothers of my students. Cute & comfy????

  104. The go to shoes for me are plain old canvas tennis shoes. They come in different colors so they can match my outfits.

  105. It depends in the weather. If it’s hot outside, I love my Keens sandles. If its cooler, I like my Toms flats. It’s all about comfort!

  106. My shoes are not as colorful as Pete the Cat’s, but I were Propet stability walker shoes that have excellent arch and ankle support.

  107. Shoes make a huge difference to my day. ????. I like Eastland, Clark and Sketchers. Cute and comfy are a must

  108. I love Pete the Cat!!! My classroom is decorated entirely with Pete items! ???? My go to teacher shoes are black flats. ????

  109. Soft memory foam flats in the summer , and memory foam lined fabric boots in the winter months .
    Teaching three year olds , we dance , run and jump a lot . ????????????????‍♀️

  110. My go-to teacher shoe is my BareTraps sandals. Comfortable in the hot desert. Slight wedge so no flat foot syndrome, and quiet so the chatty students don’t hear me sneaking up to listen in! 🙂

  111. I have two pairs of shoes from Hot Chocolate Designs that I LOVE! One pair looks like world maps, the other like a composition notebook (one foot looks like the cover, the other like inside paper). They are both super cute and comfortable too!!

  112. I am a library teacher in a preschool and my running theme books this were actually the Pete the Cat series! I made Pete the Cat shoes to wear each day that I taught! The kids loved them❤️

  113. My favorite teacher shoes are my Merrell Mary Jane style. I love the ones that are taupe color with chocolate brown leather. My friend teachers laugh…they call them my “fancy tennis shoes).

    I am changing grades from 2nd to K. I know my new Kinders would love Pete the Cat. It would be Purr-fect!

  114. My go to shoe is definitely my ballet flats. Being a preschool teAcher most of the day I’m on my feet so have to stay comfortable

  115. Luckily, we have the freedom to wear most anything we want. My go-to is Sanük yoga slings. So comfy! I’ve been pregnant for two of the last three school years, so my chubby preggo feet needed something squishy and open!

  116. My go to teacher shoes are slip on sneakers. I am always on the go and also on the run with interesting things to do with children and fun activities. They are also flexible and comfortable so that my feet do not hurt or ache. And that is also a plus. ????

  117. My go to teacher shoes are slip on sneakers. I am always on the go and also on the run with interesting things to do with children and fun activities. They are also flexible and comfortable so that my feet do not hurt or ache. And that is also a plus. ????

  118. My go to teaching shoes are my slip on Skechers! They are not sneakers, but just as comfy for being on the go all day in kindergarten.

  119. My go to teacher shoe is any form of flats. Flat sandals, ballet flats, flat boots. I teach kindergarten so comfort is key.

  120. My favorite teacher shoe is one that protects my toes! I had a student one year who managed to step on my feet sometime during the day no matter what I did. Loved the child but my poor feet!

  121. My Keen heeled shoes have been very comfortable to wear almost year round. They’re waterproof and have great traction – two very good things to have for our New England winters!

  122. I love wearing my Birkenstocks or Tom’s! Although, I’ve always wanted a pair of Tieks, I hear they’re amazing when you are on your feet all day. Being a SPED teacher and having to often lift students, supportive shoes are a must!

  123. My absolute go to shoe for school is now my Hoka’s my daughter gifted me for Mothers’ Day. My administrator is all about the shoes we find most comfortable.

  124. Anything comfortable since I am on my feet so much! I am super picky about my school shoes, but I’m always “rocking” in them! ????

  125. I have comfy flats from Naturilizer. I am always on the floor. I like the slacks and jeans from White House Black Market and for teaching supplies I use Discount School Supply.

  126. My first classroom position, Kindergarten, I started the year with comfortable sandals then comfortable shoes. When the middle of the year came about, a surprise broken ankle, well, one cast and one shoe. End of year I celebrated with my favorite, back to sandles.

  127. I live in Arizona. My teacher shoe is ABEO Fantine sandals. They have support and fit my foot style, without being too warm. They are about $100 and will last most of the school year. I have the copper colored ones, so they are dressy enough to wear with skirts.

  128. Anything “go walk” or “memory foam” from Sketchers. Love their Bobs and “Gogamat” shoes and their “luxe foam” sandals. Can’t wait to get some new ones this summer!!

  129. My go-to shoes are my Asics. They are the gel type and are super comfortable. I start my day in something a little dressier but by the end of the day I find my Asics are what feel best.

  130. Asics running shoe. Always ready for a run after a kiddo and great support for all day on the feet.

  131. SKETCHERS! Sketchers hands down! That memory foam is the best! I bought one pair of Sketchers with memory foam and wouldn’t wear anything else after that. I have back problems and they are a big help!

  132. My best go to shoes are a good pair of Nikes. I teach preschoolers all day in which I am on my feet for the majority of the day. I have tried several different brands, but always come back to Nike. Oh by the way, I LOVE Pete the cat. We had a family fun night and every food item, games, pictures, and activities were all Pete the Cat related. Both the children and the parents loved it.

  133. My go to school shoes must be comfy, I’m on my feet all during the day Monday -Friday. I like to dance, exercise, and play with my children in class or outside. Catch the runaways, or a child needs quick help. There is no down time for my feet. So I got to be on my best toezies everyday.

  134. My ideal teacher shoe is flat with arch support. I do love boots and leggings though! (Who else keeps a pair of slippers under her desk?)

  135. I like my New Balance tennies! They are perfect for the 10,000+ steps I take every day at school. Do I cry with all those steps daily? Goodness, no!

  136. Tieks and my sketchers! My tieks are the perfect ballet flat for tanging all day in when it’s nice out! And sketchers are perfect for any less than perfect weather!

  137. I have to wear tennis shoes. I have one pair of Nikes and several pair of New Balance. In order to look more professional, I get them in different colors.
    I love my white shoes.! I love my brown shoes! I love my black shoes! I love my gray shoes!

  138. I wear sandals everyday, except when it’s cold. My toes have to be free for me to be comfortable. I’ve worn sandals to work for 16 years so I’m very comfortable in them.

  139. Sandals and flip flops… not the most supportive but if I can’t be barefoot it’s the next best thing for me! In the fall/winter I generally wear boots (some warm, some tall and cute)… one day I’m sure I’ll need support but for now I can still wear whatever I enjoy!

  140. My go to teacher shoes are some black ones from Payless. They’re super comfortable because they have memory foam in them. I’m on my feet the majority of the day, so I need comfortable shoes.

  141. New Balance with a little extra toe room to avoid getting tootsies crushed every time the kiddos lack spatial awareness.

  142. My black or white Converse. Love it when my kiddos have matching ones! Pretty jealous of an infant teacher down the hall who has them in just about every color and pattern. #teachershoegoals

  143. My go to teacher shoes include a pair of broken in Converse All Stars, with paint splatters on them, for those messy art days and action packed outdoor play times. I also love my Roxy slip-on with memory foam inserts, especially for field trips. I am an Education Coordinator/toddler teacher with a center that serves families with children aged birth to 10. When my schedule requires me to visit several classrooms in a day, I wear my New Balance sneakers.

  144. My favorite teacher shoes are anything comfortable! I wear flip flops or boots or tennis shoes!! I teach kindergarten and comfort in key!

  145. I love wearing dressy sandals and flats to work, but since I work in a casual dress preschool I LOVE wearing my Vans. They are so comfortable and I can wear them all day.

  146. I travel for my teaching job, so it always depends on the weather! Tall boots in the winter, pretty sandals in the heat, and all kinds of cute flats for the inn between weather!

  147. My go to shoes are running shoes. I teach special ed and some of my students are “runners” which leaves me with running after them. Couldn’t survive the day in other shoes.

  148. My favorite shoes are anything Dansko! Mules, katy flip flops, Sophia sandals, they are all very comfortable and help to keep me rocking in my cool shoes!

  149. My go to shoes are ASICS tennis shoes or sketchers. The Sketchers look better with my dress clothes, but the tennis shoes support my previously injured ankle better!

  150. My go-to teacher shoes are Skechers sneakers with memory foam. They are like walking on clouds. We stand all day everyday and these are the best I’ve found.

  151. Anything with a good sole and tread so I don’t slip. I work with toddlers and they’re always spilling drinks as they learn to drink from a cup.

  152. At the moment I personally like to rock some Skechers flip flops since I teach all summer.
    Other than that it’s sneakers all the way!!

  153. My favorite go to is my tennis shoes with memory foam….I have a few fun pairs that I wear through out the week.

  154. Slippers wirh non slip grips on the bottom for rainy days so dirt and water isnt left on my classroom floor. Other days its tennis shoes with memory foam.

  155. My go-to shoe is a pair of black flats. They go with everything, are super comedy and don’t add to my 5’10” around littles!

  156. I don’t have any. I wear what I have. Going threw a lot and can’t afford shoes. My bf has his leg amputated and we have to move ????

  157. My go to shoes are Vionic and Clark’s. Both are comfortable when you spend all day on your feet. There are many cute styles.

  158. Black flats with memory foam if I dress up because I have an IEP; or, flat canvas tennis shoes if it is school spirit or college t-shirt day.

  159. My favorite teacher shoes are SKECHERS, they have good memory foam and are great on slips, and they come in so many Style and colors.
    I am always on the move with my Pre K students. I will Love my Pete the Cat tote bag, and we will love ❤️ having Pete the Cat in our Classroom.

  160. I wear Alegrias mostly. They have great support and form to your feet. I have them in sandals, flats and mary janes. For trainers I wear Hokas. if I wear anything else I have to wear powerstep insoles. Gotta love those cement floors!

  161. My teacher go to shoes are my Chucks. I like my white Chucks, I like my white Chucks….I like my red Chucks, I like my red Chucks…

  162. I love Sketchers Memory Foam shoes!!! They are super comfy and stylish and give me the support I need to move around and interact with my students in the classroom. And they are pretty reasonably priced too!!!

  163. My go to depends on the season. Summer is my mesh yoga shoes thin and airy. Spring and fall is my gray running sneakers. In Winter it’s very icy where I live so, I wear snow boots. If it happens to be snowing I put snow chains on my boots.

  164. I love wearing warm slippers. I got a couple comfy pairs from Costco this last winter and wore them almost everyday. I would change out of my boots and into slippers.

  165. Anything comfortable! Usually sketchers or toms-like….because actual toms are not in this teacher’s budget, haha!

  166. OTBT…..it’s hot down south so I usually wear open toed shoes year round. Our only requirement is they must have a back strap.

  167. Chucks….or my “Chuck” wanna be’s from Target. I get them from Ross or Target when they are on sale.

  168. My go too are Keene, but I am a shoe person and love flats of all kinds!!! Star Wars, ladybugs anything fun.

  169. My go-to teacher shoe would have to be my Nike’s and TOMS! TOMS for the warmer weather. They support my feet and are breathable in the warm weather. My Nike’s always
    provide my feet with the perfect support and leave me feet feeling great all day.

  170. Because I have feet trouble, I have been using Avia sneakers. Currently I am wearing one Avia sparkly pink shoe on my left feet, on the right side I have an aircast boot for at least another month. Once I can replace the boot, I will be wearing a post surgery shoe of some sort. Once I feel abel to drive safely, I can wear the Avia shoe on the right foot, taking the boot on and off as I need it for weight bearing protection.

  171. I love my black shoes, I love my gray shoes, I love my white shoes by Sketchers. They are my Go to everyday and are a lifesaver to my feet.

  172. I have two go to teacher shoes, the first are my black and white converse they are great on my feet when I am running around doing activities with the kids. The other are my Nike running shoes and those are even better for me when we have big school wide events.

  173. My “go-to” teacher shoes are my Asics running shoes. They give me the support I need, to be on my feet all day. It also helps that I don’t have to change my shoes when I go walking at lunch; or out for P.E. With my kids, because I’m already in tennies. They’re not fancy; but I’m fine with them being part of my “kindergarten casual” wardrobe. ☺️❤️

  174. I’ve discovered a brand called Vionic. They have a great arch support!! I currently only have their sandals, but may get some others soon!

  175. I love my Converse and Toms because they’re fun and colorful. They’re perfect for teaching my first graders!

  176. My go to shoes are anything cute, stylish, comfortable, and flat! When I first started teaching kindergarten 17 years ago, I wore stiletto heels every day!!!!! Eeeeek! What was I thinking??!! Now my shoes must be cute, colorful, sparkly, but definitely flat!!!!

  177. My teacher go to shoes are any type of Dansko. I’ve been wearing them for years and when you teacher first grade and kindergarten you need to be quick,comfy, and flexible!! I’d received them in a heartbeat to anyone!!

  178. A good pair of supportive flats, or my Keds sneakers! Need to be comfortable on my feet with my 4Kers all day 🙂

  179. Who doesn’t like Pete the Cat!? He is awesome! I want to use him during silent sustained reading for my students. Hopefully I can do so, with this outstanding gift.

  180. Anything FLAT! My FAVORITE is a pair of black Dr. Scholls that I have had for an eternity! (My husband begs me to get rid of them because they are so worn, but they are so broken in and comfy that they feel like slippers!)

  181. I think my favorite shoes to wear when I’m going to be spending the day teaching are boat shoes or canvas shoes. They’re simple, comfortable, and good for a variety of activities.

  182. Anything kind of dressy flats or sandals without a high heel, and on more casual days my Converse sneakers.

  183. I think my favorite shoes are my Skechers sandals. They are black criss cross wedges with memory foam instep. I could wear them everyday, however I live and teach in New England, snow and ice aren’t the greatest for sandals, so my winter favorites are my Ugg boots

  184. I bought some Skechers for a walking vacation this summer and kept thinking how they are going to be my new every day shoe at school!

  185. My go to teacher shoes are a pair of brown Danskos. I have had them for years and they are awesome. Sturdy, comfortable, and supportive.

  186. A colorful pair of Nikes or a skecher memory foam slip on in black get a lot of use in my preschool wardrobe.

  187. I am a tennis shoe gal. I get to work a little bit early because I have to drop off my daughter right across the street at the high school. I take a walk, and then I’m good for the rest of the day. My feet and legs really do need the support.

  188. Sketches Go Walk…. I may show up in a nice pair of shoes for the day, but kinda like Mr. Rodger’s I change into them when I arrive to school 🙂

  189. Crocs has some cute wedges that are super comfortable. I am more of a flats kind of teacher, and seek out something with support.

  190. My go to teacher shoe is either my comfortable flip flops or my nikes! My kids love when I wear the same shoes as them.

  191. I rock a pair if Ariat Heritage RT Paddock boots. Since spraining my ankle last year I need the ankle support, plus Ariats are woman owned and have great arch support too! Not to mention my arch support system fits the best in these boots. My lovely mother buys me a new pair every Christmas and I then wear the old pair to the barn to ride and care for my horse so I get to wear them twice as long.

  192. My go to Teacher Shoes are anything by Sam Edelman!! So comfortable and cute. Booties are my current favorite because they go with everything…black and tan!!

  193. I usually get any ballet flats that are on sale at Famous footware. I find most of their shoes to be super comfy!

  194. My go to shoes are my ASICS. I live in those shoes during the year, during the warmer months I wear my keen sandals. After 2 ankle surgeries, I need good supportive shoes!

  195. American eagle womens Rachel slouch boots from Payless shoes. Comfortable, kept most sand out, water and milk splash resistant, easy to wipe down, no lacing up and at $20 a pair with a BOGO half off sale I got them in two colors (black and brown) Best shoe purchase I’ve ever made. Plus the shoes are basically named after me.

  196. When I rock my school shoes – I wear sketchers flip flops in the spring/summer. And sketchers flats in the winter. I also wear boots in the winter – but always flats. Not sure how anyone could have heels when teaching Kindergarten?? ????‍♀️????

  197. My go-to teacher shoes are my Mickey Mouse Crocs. They are the most comfortable shoes ever. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the kids love them too!!!

  198. My lace up Birks with dressier pants, grey Vionics with jeans, and my most favorite navy and aqua Vionics with my Friday jeans. Sorry, Pete. I don’t own a pair of cool white shoes.

  199. I have a cyst on a nerve in the bottom of my foot. Standing all day is torture. My Bjorn’s or any of my sneakers with my special insert are the best things to combat the pain. Average anywhere from 15K-20K steps a day, so they have to be good! 🙂

  200. I like anything that has a good arch support and cushion. Being on my feet all day with my firsties means I need comfortable shoes. Thanks for the chance to win a sweet prize.

  201. I mainly like flats such as flip flops, ballets or sandals until the weather gets cooler then my tennis shoes or boots. I am lucky to have a flexible dress code with shoes.

  202. My favorite go to teaching shoe are easy spirit flats. I’m constantly moving while teaching first grade, so I go for comfort!

  203. My go to shoes for teaching are: Toms and Sketchers with memory foam. You can pair
    either of these type of shoes with business causal or more dressy outfits.

  204. My go-to teacher shoes are my converse sneakers! I love all the funky patterns and colors….especially my mustache ones. I also lean towards tennis shoes if I’m not feeling converse. I mean I’m a preschool teacher, being comfortable is imperative!

  205. My go-to shoes are my Toms! They go with anything and are the most comfortable when I am on my feet all day! ????

  206. My go to shoes are anything low heel. I like flat boots in the winter and sandals and sneakers in the spring. As I get older it has to be about the comfort. I have to have something that will not hurt my feet all day. I don’t know how some teachers wear high heels to school. Just looking at them make my feet hurt lol.

  207. Anything flat and comfortable that I can move quickly in if neccessary. Skechers makes alot of shoes that fit that bill.

  208. My go to work shoes are anything flat. I only wear slippers or flip flops in my house and only flats at work unless it’s PTC when I’ll be sitting. I really don’t like wearing shoes. If my students are out of the classroom my feet are out of my shoes!

  209. I want to say “my blue suede shoes”, they made me dance around the room, but I don’t have a pair anymore. So I would have to say my sketchers.

  210. My Frankie 4 sneakers – they are designed by a podiatrist and offer comfort and support. They are also super cute.

  211. I like to wear something that is comfortable and slips on. I usually buy Hush Puppies but always looking for new ideas!!!

  212. My favorite teacher go to shoes are all of my shoes! I love my red shoes, I love my blue shoes, I love my wet shoes and I love my white shoes! ❤️❤️

  213. My go to shoes are anything with memory foam! I prefer sketchers but I had a pair of Nike with memory foam and they were really comfy too!

  214. My favorite is black ballet flats! Black goes with any outfit and they are also super comfortable and durable! They also are ideal given that we are on our feet for a large portion of the day & they also are very easy to clean!!

  215. My favorite teacher shows are Sketchers, they feel like I’m wearing slippers.
    They don’t make my back hurt and I can stand in them all day. Love my

  216. My favorite go to teacher shoes are KEDS. I have several colors that I can match most of my outfits. If the outfit is too dressy for KEDS then I switch to TOMS – I have several colors of them as well. ????

  217. Being a Kindergarten teacher, I need to be up and moving all day. I am a huge fan of Sketchers. Last year I purchased Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoe. I am sold! Most comfortable shoes ever!

  218. I usually wear comfortable ballet flats, wish I could do something more sneaker like for support but I don’t feel they’re dressy enough.

  219. Sneakers are always my go to shoes. When working with elementary kids, you have to be able to play with them on the playground, right?

  220. Vionics! They are fairly expensive, but so worth it. Luckily they have some very attractive designs compared to other orthopedic shoes, i can teach all day in them!

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